Tropicana with Esperanza Moya

Take a trip to a time when the pineapple was sweeter, palm trees were taller and rock music ruled the airwaves. Yes, just take one look at these gorgeous photographs from Esperanza Moya and you will feel as if you have stepped right into the nineteen seventies...

Esperanza Moya is a Spanish photographer based in Barcelona. She shoots for a variety of magazines including Vogue Kids and Harper’s Bazaar. This collection of images was put together for Yo Dona magazine.

We are in awe of her understanding of light and how she manages to capture the perfect mood aesthetic in each of her campaigns.

Putting the average Instagram filter to shame, the retro yellow-film effect that has been applied evokes a sense of nostalgia and recollection. Oh how we want to go back…

The off-beat crops and framing make these images all the more interesting to look at too.

To see more photography work from Esperanza Moya, head over to her website.

16 Jan 2015