Pastele Shoot

Pink Wings, is a Polish creative agency for children. Founded by photographer, Paulina Kania, and stylist, Anastasia Borowska, this super creative shop specialises in ad campaigns, fashion shoots, product shoots and even fun family portraits. This dreamy shoot titled ‘Pastele’ is one of our favourites...

12 Jul 2015

Go Funky Shoot

Putting the fun in funky, this crazy shoot from Polish creative agency, Pink Wings, is an absolute party for the eyes. Pink hair and green hair… it has it all. A gorgeous styled mish-mash of crazy patterns and textures to send your neurons into over drive. We just love it! See the full 'Go Funky' shoot here.

11 Jul 2015

Ulla Nueman

Look who just stopped in from Planet Pop… with their zany hair dos, outrageous outfits and who-cares ‘tude, this little gang of awesome is hard not to notice...

This ultra rad shoot comes to us from one of the most in demand children’s photographers today, Danish born Ulla Nyeman. Ulla’s photos are renowned in the industry for having a strong visual style, sophistication, energy and wit.

Her editorial work regularly features in Vogue Bambini, Milk Magazine and Papier Mache. Right now we are so inspired by this particularly crazy shoot. The colours, and the expressions she has managed to capture are nothing short of wow.

See more of Ulla Nyeman’s work here.

06 Jul 2015

Step Inside

Who would have thought layers of draped coloured fabrics throughout a white room would make for such an amazing photoshoot. But when you have the masterful Melanie Rodriguez behind the lense and the amazing Deborah Sfez styling the show, anything is possible...

Commissioned by CIFF kids, Melanie, Deborah and set designer Marie Mersier have created a magical world filled with soft colours and curious looks. It’s as if the drapes that are hiding a secret room have just been opened and we want to step inside.

06 Jun 2015

Ice Cream Castles In The Air

'Rows & Flows of Angel Hair and Ice Cream Castles in the Air' is a gorgeous collection of images photographed by Delphine Chanet for Papier Mache magazine. Pop art meets fashion; we love how the gorgeous creamy pastels combine with the crazy collage treatment to create a beautiful kaleidoscope for the eyes...

01 Jun 2015

Celebrate Good Times

This playful party paradise is packed full of happiness from floor to ceiling. Bright, colourful and fiercely fun, this awesome set was designed by Lucille Michieli for Billieblush PE15.

Oversized ice creams, limitless lemonade and being surrounded by all your best friends makes for one brilliant celebration. Respect to Lucille for creating such an amazing vision.

Lucille Michieli is an incredibly talented Parisian artist who uses a multitude of cool techniques to bring life to her work. Inspired by Tim Walker, Wes Anderson and Hayoa Miyazaki, she dabbles in screen printing, illustration, knitting, sewing and ceramics. What a talent!

Her delicate and bubbly creations always leave us smiling and we highly recommend you check out more of her work over on her website.

03 May 2015
art and design

Food Glorious Food

One of our favourite parts of a celebration is all the yummy food you treat yourself to. All those naughty nibbles that you usually deny yourself day in, day out...

We think these outrageous images from Stephanie Gonot capture the experience of overindulgence perfectly.

Stephanie Gonot is a Los Angeles-based photographer. She enjoys all things colourful, humorous and edible. So much so that she used to work in an ice cream sandwich truck. See more of her work on her website, it’s a real treat!

24 Apr 2015

Showtime with @notsomumsy

Inspired by the magic of the Easter Show and chaos that is my family home (10 kids will do that!) I created a little monochrome madness with Archie and his "Aunties" (my adopted sisters.) Archie slipped straight into character with a "Roll Up, Roll Up..", Bella was the tiny dancer, Lily was the 'Hooper" in the giant tutu and "Snow" the greyhound cameoed as the non-ferocious lion...

Archie and Bella graced us for three minutes of circus action before they took off to hoon around in the "Barbie Car". Lilly, on the other hand couldn't get enough of being the "star of the show". I'm guessing it was the incredible custom made tutu made from LITTLE CHIYO and her MILK & SODA lace headband. Total show-stopper, right?! Archie's Noe & Zoe overalls, Bella's Mini Rodini costume & Lilly's Quinn & Fox tank all from HARLEY & SOO. Masked Lion Print by Pax & Hart.

Follow Marcia on her website NOT SO MUMSY and Instagram. You can also read more about her here.

14 Apr 2015
black and white
not so mumsy

Vintage Easter with @pics_missmaya

One of my most favourite things to do, apart from taking photos, is making dinner and cleaning the house - just kidding! It's making things – preferably while an old movie is on and when the kids are tucked up asleep. I was feeling inspired by vintage colours of teal, cream, washed out browns and pinks, raw edges and exposed seams. I decided to try my hand at making a few bunny headbands out of fabrics, ribbon and thread. Matched with the most beautiful clothing and shoes from Ladida and chocolate eggs that seemed to do a magic disappearing act afterwards...……. @pics_missmaya x

You can see more of Maya's beautiful imagery over on instagram... @pics_missmaya.

03 Apr 2015
pics miss maya

Nicolle Kennedy Photography

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to a very talented fine-art photographer and digital artist, Nicolle Kennedy. As you can see from these beautiful images, she has a brilliant knack for capturing stunning photographs of little bubbas...

The soft colours and gorgeous backgrounds create the perfect frame for those cute and cheeky expressions that always melt your heart.

Her portfolio also includes lifestyle and conceptual work, but it is her baby images that have captivated us this Easter week.

Check out more of her work over on her website.

26 Mar 2015