Cassie & Millar

This breathtaking collection of images is from one of our favourite photographers, Alexandrena Parker. With such beautiful light, stunning natural surroundings and gorgeous models, this shoot takes us back to a time when things were simple...

Alexandrena explains what inspired the shoot: “I was randomly driving around the Casey/Cardinia region of country Victoria and came across a bunch of asparagus farms. I thought the landscape of these farms were really interesting as they were quite barren but continuously lined with hauntingly tall old trees. I drove up one of the ridiculously long driveways to ask the farmer if I could come back later to take some photographs and he agreed.”

We love the spontaneity and curiosity of her creative spirit. Together with stylist Rebecca Vitartas, Alexandrena managed to captured this small series in about an hour and a half of afternoon light: “It was one of those amazing warm but rare Melbourne nights. Cassie and Millar are both dressed in vintage pieces to give the images a classic and timeless aesthetic” says Alexandrena.

Photographer: Alexandrena Parker
Stylist: Rebecca Vitartas
Assistant: Emma Caldwell
Models: Cassie and Millar @ Team casting

23 Mar 2015

Carousel & Bazaar from @curated_by

I had the pleasure of styling and shooting this incredible new brand last month ‘Carousel & Bazaar’ for Designer Inge Holst...

Inge is a talented and innovative artist in her own right with a splendid portfolio across fashion millinery design, costume, props and lifestyle to make anyone swoon including clients such as infamous Bazmark (Baz Lurhmann/Catherine Martin).

Drawing upon her experience and long time affiliation with the arts world Inge has launched this sophisticated and playful collection for girls aged 6-12 years focusing on shapes and colour and embracing the pop art movement and freedom of expression.

Cool details, such as exposed metal zippers, are interspersed with luxe Swarovski jewels while cottons mixed with elastane and voluminous shapes provide the comfort and freedom that girls demand.

With only days since launching her new collection and lookbook she has been invited to showcase at Paris Trade Show Playtime. I have a feeling everyone will be noticing this super styling brand.

‘Pop. Whizz. Bang’ all enquiries
Instagram @carouselandbazaar

Styling and Photography by Renata @curated_by. Follow Renata @curated_by and subscribe at

22 Mar 2015

Magic Tricks with @chloeuberkid

The kids like nothing better than putting on a show, and a magic one is their favourite kind! Satch wears Gardner and the Gang sweatshirt, Kitty in Gardner and the Gang dress, and Nor_folk The Wonder Years t-shirt. Raffy in Gardner and The Gang leggings and Nor_folk The Wonder Years t-shirt. Bobo Choses Towels from ScandiMini. Poster by Miniwilla. Mr Black Crochet mouse by LeggyBuddy. Mickey and Smurf Artoyz from Four Monkeys. Kukkia gumball machine from Abacus Kids.

Follow Chloe and her lovely family over on her website and Instagram. You can also read more about her here.

20 Mar 2015

Shadow Play

A long afternoon spent with your shadow is usually a fun one. There is plenty of dancing, chasing, jumping, and contorting, and if you’re really lucky and the sun is setting at just the right angle, your shadow will completely bend your mind by allocating you with a set of the longest legs known to mankind...

Yes, there is no doubting that our shadows live in our shadows. Entirely underrated, we believe that shadows are loyal friends and stimulate creative play, so we were naturally delighted to discover a photographer who has given them the opportunity to shine for themselves.

Pol Ubeda's photography series of shadows suggests so much with without showing much at all. After viewing just a few of his shots, there is no doubting what your shadow gets up to when you’re too busy to notice… why they go swimming, play tennis and pound the pavement of course!

What a marvellous collection of images…You can check out the full series and more from Pol on his flickr.

18 Mar 2015

Ahead of the Rest

M might be for Magic but it is also for Miamija, a little Polish brand we’ve newly discovered which focuses on children’s hats, beanies, and well anything worn on the head really!

The latest winter collection (featured) has everything you need to keep you little one’s noggin cozy. Berets, beanies and hoods, everything in the range has a unique look… far from the typical designs you’d find on the high street.

Miamija designs and manufactures their apparel in Poland in small batches. It is often done by hand and with the team priding themselves on their attention to detail. Head over to the Miamija website to find out more.

14 Mar 2015

Floating Beds

This photographic series by Alexandrena Parker is what dreams are made of. Quite literally, a gorgeous bed floating across the surface of a serene lake makes the perfect dreamscape...

The striking beauty and innocence of these gorgeous girls has taken our breath away. Their lush auburn hair and colourful blankies create the perfect contrast for the white sheets and placid lake backdrop.

Styled by the lovely Rebecca Vitartas, this stunning shoot is transports you to another place. We’ve featured the work of Alexandrena before on Little Gatherer. So if you like her style and aesthetic, we wouldn’t mind betting you will enjoy another of her gorgeous shoots called “Boys will be boys”. Check it out here.

09 Mar 2015

Dame Edgy

Delphine Chanet’s photoshoot for MILK Magazine, Dame Edgy, is nothing short of beautiful. The style, attitude and elegance captured in each of these images demonstrates perfectly that age is only a number...

The gorgeous colours and fabrics come together so well in a warm and arty setting that is such a pleasure to look at.

The shoot was styled by Mélanie Hoeffner and the set design was handled by Lucille Michieli.

07 Mar 2015

Childs Play with @curated_by

Because when you have a weekly schedule that extends to kingdom come we need to brighten up mamas taxi service with some neon fun!

Getting back into a routine has been fastidious and a far cry from our lazy school holiday antics. We have viola, orchestra, Kumon, Swimming, Ballet, Contemporary, Art, Acro all before I can say when the heck is the weekend (inserting crying face emojis everywhere!) These are our favourite pieces that captivate our imagination and playfulness making after school math and English tutoring childs play. In luminous shades of electric green and cobalt blue these prints are an undisputed highlight from Mini Rodini's new season collection available now at Stars in a Jar. Styling and Photography Renata from Curated By.

Follow Renata @curated_by and subscribe at
Mini Rodini available now at and follow then @starsinajar_sydney.

13 Feb 2015
curated by
neon jungle

Boys Will Be Boys

Skateboards, mischief, firecrackers and secret handshakes. Boys will be boys, and don’t we all know it...

This photographic series by Alexandrena Parker, ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, captures the spirit and adventure of boyhood in a modern and cool way that makes us so proud of our own little gentlemen.

Capturing boyhood both as it stands today and also histroically, Alexandrena chose to photograph this series using 120 medium format and 35mm format black and white film to give the images a timeless aesthetic.

The shoot was styled using a variety of our favourite and innovative brands like Munster, Nico Nico and Worthy Skateboards. It all comes together into one rad series that makes us want to be young again.

Photographer Alexandrena Parker is an inspiration herself. Born with Cystic Fibrosis, she uses photography as a creative outlet to express herself. Now at only 24 years old, her images are far beyond her years. Check out more of her stunning work here.

Photographer: Alexandrena Parker.
Stylist: Rebecca Vitartas.
Hair Stylist: Victoria Anderson.
Models: Kye, Harvey, Joe and Kody
Assistant: Henri Fanti

27 Jan 2015

Desert Palms

This stunning children’s fashion shoot from the great Melanie Rodriguez has left us a little transfixed. Photographed for Papier Mache Magazine, it is a beautiful collection of images that we can’t stop adoring...

With the sun beating down and the clouds high up in the sky, Rodriguez has captured the isolation and stillness of the desert in such an alluring way.

The subtle pastel treatment applied over each image not only adds to the beauty of the campaign but also the intrigue of what life in the desert might be like.

We also love the old-school feel of the roadside counters, towering palms, flat roofs, folding chairs and plastic visors featured in the collection. Overall it’s a rather nostalgic and enchanting vibe and we just love it.

23 Jan 2015