Storm in a Teacup

If only all tea breaks were as quirky and pastel as this gorgeous affair featured in Babiekins Magazine...

It’s one part dreamy and one part Wonka, but one thing is for sure, it sure makes us so darn happy. So happy we might just whip up our own pair of musk slippers right now!

Photographed by Aver and Line, this shoot is the epitome of fun. Bold colours, rad styling and the sweetest of accessories in the form of raspberry red macaroons. Yes please.

You can find more shots and full product details over on the Babiekins website.

17 Nov 2014

Introducing... @pics_missmaya

Say hello to Miss Maya aka @pics_missmaya, our newest member of the Little Gatherer gang. Wielding a big bad camera and an impeccable eye for style, creativity and beauty, Miss Maya has long been one of our favourite photographers and never fails to leave us feeling bewildered, inspired or in awe. So naturally we were over the moon when she agreed to come on board as a regular contributor...

With a background in illustration, it was photography that eventually captured her heart. After having two children and being a full time mum for a few years, Miss Maya rolled up her sleeves and got stuck in to photography and before long she was shooting for the likes of Temple & Webster, Milk & Soda and Gardner and the Gang to name a few. She clearly has some talent!

Her creative juices started to bubble as a little girl, spending endless hours in her mother’s art room watching her work as a fashion illustrator. With endless supplies of paper, pens, ink, magazines and letra sets it was only a matter of time before she caught the creative bug.

These days Miss Maya has no trouble finding inspiration: “To be honest, I find inspiration everywhere and I am usually over-inspired if anything and want to create images constantly (to the detriment of any house related work!).” she says.

With a particular talent for photographing children, we cannot wait to see some of the stunning images she brings to share with us all on the Little Gatherer blog. As a bit of a teaser we have included some of our favourite images from her current Instagram account… so if you like the look of these, we highly recommend following her for a daily piece of wow in your Insta-feed.

What inspired you to start photographing children?
I have always loved photographing children – I find them completely unselfconscious, honest and entertaining to work with. When I was a teenager I would get the neighbourhood kids together and take photos. I have been very lucky that my own children let me practice on them – they have no interest in the images themselves but are (mostly!) happy to go along with it.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love having an idea, quickly doing it and then coming up with the next shot. I’m not interested in perfection, but I love emotion (in saying that, I am particular, I know what I like!). I usually think about what I want to do, work out the kinks in my mind then set it up. When I add the kids it’s about seeing what they do with it and working fast. I like to be quick and working with children you need to seize the moment. It’s great practice.

I also love to make things or to change things and often pick up junk that people have thrown out and use it as a prop. Making things with paper has been a love of mine since I was a child and when I need some ‘me’ time I will usually be found making something out of paper. I find it totally relaxing and restorative and it gives me utter joy (then I look up and see the chaotic mess I’ve created around me! eeeek).

It’s also fun doing chalk drawings for a few of my photos as the kids are with me playing or drawing while I’m drawing. So it’s a way of us all being together but also doing something for ourselves. I am for sure a more relaxed mum when I am being creative. It’s definitely a big part of who I am.

What inspires your images?
I am very inspired by editorial fashion magazines, I have always loved fashion from those early days with mum. Movies totally inspire me – I love, love stories. I also love humour, love a funny story, love funny kids and definitely attracted to quirky ideas.

I also love faux animals, apart from being funny and low maintenance I guess they take direction well! We have one real cat and she’s awesome (and also takes direction well!). To be honest, I find inspiration everywhere and I am usually over-inspired if anything and want to create images constantly (to the detriment of any house related work!).

Where are your favourite places to go in Sydney with kids?
We love going to the Saturday markets at Carriageworks. Any of the beautiful beaches around Sydney. Any Japanese restaurant! The kids would have Japanese everyday if possible.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be an artist like my mum or to work in movies.

If you were to make a bake the ultimate cake, what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
I love to bake but I spend way too much time taking photos and my cooking & baking has taken a downward slide (poor family!). My mum used to burn our dinner on an almost daily basis as she was trying to cook while she was finishing off a drawing. I’m starting to see a resemblance in behaviour, the husband is getting worried………

Maya will be sharing her first post with you very soon so stay tuned. In the coming weeks we will also be introducing you to the last of our wonderful contributors, we can't wait!

05 Nov 2014
creative showcase
pics miss maya

All For Children – H&M x Unicef

Your little ones will be the talk of Crazy Town thanks to these remarkable Halloween costumes from H&M. Forget the humble sheet ghost, it’s all about the wacky witches, pirates and colonial sailors in this unforgettable range from 2013...

The annual ‘All For Children’ collection is the result of a unique collaboration between H&M and Unicef.

Each year H&M donates 25 percent of all retail sales of the 'All For Children' range to UNICEF to help provide 40,000 children living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with improved access to education and protection of their basic rights.

We’ve long admired the cool collabs H&M undertake, and they certainly delivered for last year’s Halloween. Now we can’t see what they release this year!

27 Oct 2014

Introducing... @chloeuberkid

Introducing our newest contributor... The wonderful Chloe Thurston aka Chloeuberkid. Chloe is the second of four contributors that will be joining Little Gatherer and sharing her beautiful imagery on our site... EXCITING...

Living on Englands South Coast, Chloe originally worked as a director of a tech company making apps with her husband. But when her son Rafferty was born she decided to take a step back. "I wanted to completely concentrate on the kids for a while (and taking lots of photos was part of that)! I have four children, Bella, Satchel, Kitty and Rafferty, and I like nothing better than the school holidays and travelling the world with them!"

What inspired you to get into photography?
I have always been the one who has a camera with them and when the kids were asked to do some modelling a few years ago I got to witness the shoots for some absolutely amazing talented photographers and seeing the photos in some of my favourite magazines was so inspiring.

Having three and then four kids made it harder to travel to London, so much so I decided to start taking more photos for myself and instagram was the perfect platform for that!

What do you love most about what you do?
I love having a record of my kids and their childhood. My Dad always took lots of photos when me and my brothers were younger and I love the way having a photo helps keep the memory of the events going!

My brain is so full of all the hectic, boring, everyday things that I have to remember (or try to), I love being able to stop and look at a photo and see the kids expressions, clothes or how the house was, something that I don't think would just pop into my mind otherwise (it needs all the help it can get after four kids)!

What inspires your images?
My kids! Literally every second that I look at them I think I want to capture this and keep the memory forever.

Where are your favourite places to shop for kids?
I love to shop online, of course! Through instagram I have got to know some amazing shop owners and love seeing all the gorgeous things they source. Scandinavian Minimall, Abacus Kids, Monkey McCoy, Elias and Grace, Cissy Wears and Molly Meg are my favourite go to shops I'll be buying from this Christmas.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to write books and be a stay at home mum... I used to get in trouble at school for that answer as the teachers felt that it wasn't what they perceived to be an actual career!

If you were to make a make the ultimate cupcake, what flavour would it be?
I am always too tempted by how a cupcake looks rather than flavour so I would probably go for something massively frosted and sprinkly, but flavour wise would actually rather have something like an apple crumble cake!

You can also follow Chloe on instagram @chloeuberkid and on her Uber Kid Blog which follows the life of her and her four children. Chloe will be sharing her first post with you very soon so stay tuned. In the coming weeks we will also be introducing you to our two other wonderful contributors.

14 Oct 2014
creative showcase


Clammy hands covered in dirt, cheeky red-flushed dimples and classic boyish charms are hard to beat. But oh how these little ladies captured by the lovely Katrina Tang make our hearts-a-flutter...

We remember spending endless days in the meadow catching butterflies and dreaming big as little girls ourselves, and we think this is why this gorgeous shoot from Katrina Tang strikes a massive chord with us. Such tranquil beauty, serenity and innocence has been carefully captured in every shot and we can’t help but feel completely besotted with the colours, mood and tones emulating from each scene.

Having contributed many beautiful picture stories for MilK magazine, The Times, Junior and Grazia, there is no doubting that Katrina’s creative eye is made for photographing children. See more of her amazing portfolio here.

07 Oct 2014
bugs & butterflies

Zoey & Jasper

We’d like to tell you a story about Zoey and Jasper. Zoey is a 7 year old rescued puppy from Taiwan. She loves hiking, eating crumbs off the floor and Jasper. Now Jasper, Jasper is a 10 month old bambino from Los Angeles. He loves going for walks, eating pancakes and his best friend Zoey...

Zoey and Jasper’s mumma is a pretty special woman. Initially trained as a biologist, she moved into a career in art direction, doing a little bit of photography on the side. Her love of animals never slowed and she started photographing dogs on the side and the rest is history. Now Grace is a commercial photographer specialising in animals, lifestyle images, and celebrities with their pets.

We caught up with Grace to find out more about her fascinating career...
What do you love most about capturing moments with your camera?
I only photograph animals (with the exception of my baby!) and I just love capturing their emotions and personalities. They are so expressive and have so much to teach us, and it's my goal to capture that essence for people to see, understand, and learn from.

What inspired you to start photographing Zoey & Jasper?
I've always loved dressing my 2 dogs up in silly hats and props for photos, and when Jasper was born I started doing the same for him. One day my sister had the brilliant idea of putting Zoey and Jasper in the same hat for a single shot, and the Zoey and Jasper series was born!

How did Zoey come into your lives?
In early 2007 I adopted my first dog Maeby, a 2 year old whippet mix. Half a year later, I thought Maeby might like a friend (and ok, I also wanted another one!) so I started searching online for a puppy to adopt. One day, I saw the sweetest little puppy named Star staring back at me. She reminded me so much of Maeby, and I imagined that Maeby must have looked just like that as a puppy too. I knew I had to adopt her, and submitted an application for this little dog.

She actually was in Taiwan, waiting to find a forever home in the states. A rescue group there called Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (ARTT) rescues the dogs in Taiwan, and finds volunteers to fly with them to the US. I was so lucky to be chosen as Star's new owner and went to pick her at the airport in the summer of 2007. We named her Zoey and she's been our baby ever since.

You have two beautiful rescue dogs and are also involved a lot with photographing dogs available for adoption. What drew you to this cause?
As someone who went through the experience of adopting a dog twice, and as an art director, I know how visual people are and how important it is for a photo to grab your attention online. I wanted to take photos of dogs that needed homes that really captured their essence, and would interest someone enough to go to an adoption event to meet the dog.

The dog rescue group I started working with in 2007 told me that people were coming to adoption events specifically to meet the dogs I had photographed for their website! That really was humbling and I've always been so happy to be a tiny part of a dog's journey to adoption.

What was the best thing about being a kid?
I loved being silly, doing anything that sparked my imagination, and feeling free! I hope Jasper can have a childhood like that too.

All images are courtesy of Grace Chon.

04 Oct 2014

'Here Comes the Sun' - @notsomumsy

It's all sunshine and lollipops in this neck of the woods, and nothing says summer like pastels, palms and giant inflatables! We transformed our back alley into a little urban oasis and our todels (toddler models) brought the fun. Enjoy xo Marcia aka NOT SO MUMSY...

Ines wears: Rock Your Baby Bows Jumpsuit, Mini Rodini swimming costume & skirt, red heart sunglasses all from My Messy Room: Bandit Kids Click Click Dress; and ballet flats & sandals from KMart. Archie wears: Bandit Kids tee and leggings; Children of the Tribe Palm Shorts, Love Mummahh leopard loafers & Vans tots half cabs in leopard. Pool Toys: Sunny Life inflatable pool toys available My Messy Room.

Follow Marcia on her website NOT SO MUMSY and Instagram. You can also read more about her here.

02 Oct 2014
not so mumsy


Are you ready to meet the raddest parents of all time? Introducing Refe and Susan Tuma who started Dinovember, a month-long imagination invasion involving a very creative mum and dad, a bunch of rowdy toy dinosaurs and some healthy imaginations...

Fearing that their children would lose their sense of wonder and imagination in a world of iPads, television and video games, Refe and Susan took matters into their own hands.

It began modestly enough. Their kids woke up to discover that the dinosaurs had gotten into a box of cereal and made a mess on the kitchen table.

Things then escalated and we think the rest of the photos tell the story...

20 Sep 2014

Introducing... @notsomumsy

We are VERY excited to introduce the effortlessly cool Marcia Leone aka NOT SO MUMSY! Marcia is the first of four AMAZING contributors that will be joining Little Gatherer and we can't wait for you to meet her...

Originally from Sydney, Marcia started working as a freelance writer and blogger after her son Archie was born. "My husband’s business and travel schedule meant I couldn’t go back to full time work so freelance writing and my blog have become my creative outlet and sanity - and I love that I can do it from anywhere." NOT SO MUMSY has become an inspiration space for "media-savvy, fashion-loving, new-gen mamas who juggle a busy schedule, play-dates and the occasional splash of rosé." Keep your eyes peeled for Marcia's first blog post coming up in the next few weeks.

What inspired you to start NOT SO MUMSY?
NOT SO MUMSY has been bubbling away since I fell pregnant, but I only put the wheels in motion after deciding not to return to full time work. I set out to create an inspirational, non-judgmental space for like-minded, new- generation mama’s who love, embrace and celebrate motherhood but also place importance on retaining a sense of self and style.

Instead of making apologies for kiddie-spamming social media, I wanted to put a cool, modern spin on capturing these moments, through fun styled photo shoots. Essentially I see NOT SO MUMSY as a hub to inspire and admire other mothers and also as a platform to promote cool stuff I discover along the way.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love the variety of what I do- no two days are the same. I love having a creative outlet where I can combine my background in writing and marketing and my passion for fashion and photography.

I love discovering and supporting smaller, up and coming labels and interviewing my celebrity “mama crushes”, but most of all I love meeting and connecting with other like minded mothers along the way. Being a mum can be quite isolating- especially if you work from home. I am so grateful for the genuine, lasting friendships that I’ve formed.

How has your life changed since becoming a mum?
My life has completely changed in every way. Obviously shifting from working 9-5, to freelancing from home is a major lifestyle change, but it’s more than that for me. I have become more relaxed, confident and present. Archie is my greatest achievement and becoming a mother has taught me to live in the moment and appreciate the everyday.

Where are your favourtie places to go in Brooklyn with kids?
Brooklyn Bridge Park is the ultimate playground- “swing valley” is out of this world and having the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan as a backdrop over the East River ain’t so bad either. Coney Island is so much fun as is Brooklyn Children’s museum on a rainy day. To eat - Roberta’s in Bushwick. Delicious pizza, super kid friendly and a cool outdoor beer garden.

What did you love most about being a kid?
I grew up on a 400 acre property and was one of 6. I loved the innocent, country element of my childhood. Playing make believe with my brothers and sisters, riding my horse to my friend’s house, going out exploring in the morning and coming back in time for dinner.

There were 11 kids in my year at primary school- we used to sit in the back of our teacher’s ute as she drove us home. Sometimes I question raising Archie in the city. I make sure I take him out to Nonna’s once a week to get a dose of fresh air and country living.

If you were to make the ultimate milkshake, what flavour would it be?
One word- Nutella!!! I'm obsessed. It would be a gooey overflowing mess, so thick you have to eat it with a spoon. Oh and with cookie dough chunks on top.

Marcia will be sharing her first post with you very soon so stay tuned. In the coming weeks we will also be introducing you to our three other wonderful contributors, we can't wait!

17 Sep 2014
creative showcase
not so mumsy

Jungle Fever

Take a trip back in time to a lush green world where the stegosaurus roamed free and the pterodactyls soared in a blue, unpolluted sky. It’s a place where the grass shines neon and the untamed trees tower from floor to stratosphere with pride...

Yes friends, step inside this Jurassic inspired fashion shoot for Babiekins Magazine, featuring some brands that we have serious dino-sized love for.

We love the beautiful indoor jungle that has been created to bring this fashion spread to life, and we are totally smitten with the elegant botanic wall paper from Jardine Hansen.

Green and white is a all-time classic combination when it comes to children’s clothes, and when paired with natural leathers and other neutral hues it creates a mature yet playful look that is hard to go past.

This spirited indoor jungle was photographer by Natali McComas and features the likes of Anais and I, Wolfe Child and Woven Play.

Babiekins Magazine is the love child of Priscila Barros, who is based in Southern California. It celebrates style, comfort and sophistication in children’s fashion from around the globe. See more from this glorious shoot on the Babiekins website.

15 Sep 2014