Plants, Camera, Action

These divine images are from issue #7 of Papier Mache Magazine. The spread featured in the gorgeous kids fashion editorial ‘A tale of Plants & Flowers’ shot by the talented photographer, Ulla Nyeman...

With soft backgrounds and dreamy pastels this shoot is a call to the beauty of flowers and nature. We love the statement planty accessories, including the rad succulent dino tail.

Ulla Nyeman is a kids fashion photographer based in London who who works for well-known publications like Vogue Bambini and our favourite Papier Mache magazine. You can view more of her work here.

09 Sep 2014
papier mache

Flower Trance

We are big fans of Melanie Rodriguez and have featured her work many times before on Little Gatherer. We love her style and completely admire the aesthetic she creates in each of her shoots...

This gorgeous family of portraits was captured for Papier Mache Magazine, edition number seven. The soft and faraway hues combined with a lingering double exposure create a dreamscape so beautiful it transports you to another place.

You can see more of Melanie’s beautiful work on her website and also from past week’s on Little Gatherer including Crystal Week.

05 Sep 2014

Icebergs without Names

Exploring the arresting photographs of Jean de Pomereu is like starring down the barrel of a daring arctic adventure. Blistering cold and blazing whites, we can almost here the arctic winds whipping around our ears...

Jean de Pomereu is the master when it comes to visual interpretation of Antarctica. He first visited the driest continent in the world in 2003 and has since returned on numerous occasions as a member of several different artistic and scientific expeditions, including the most ambitious arts project ever undertaken in Antarctica - Lita Albuquerque’s Stellar Axis Antarctica.

His images seek to interpret the Antarctic experience in all its haunting simplicity and free from any form of perspective.

“Many early Antarctic photographers would seek to grasp perspective by placing human objects of reference in their compositions, but which I prefer to distil to its minimalist, often abstract essence” says Jean.

Photographs from Jean de Pomereu’s expanding body of Antarctic works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in France, Belgium, Spain, the UK, the US, China and New Zealand.

Pop over to his website and start exploring for yourself.

14 Aug 2014

Deep Forest

If the trees could talk, we wonder what sweet secrets they’d whisper to us about these beautiful woodland warriors who have been captured as part of Katrina Tang’s ‘Deep Forest’ shoot for Milk Magazine Japon...

"Katrina's heart and camera belongs to photographing children" (Kelly Kipper, Eesti Ekspress) and we couldn’t agree more. This magical shoot makes us want to live in the forest with a family of friendly fauns and pixies.

Born and raised in Estonia, Katrina Tang now divides her time between New York, London and Estonia. Her commercial portfolio is pretty impressive, having shot for some of our favourite children’s brands like Oeuf, Milk and Pale Cloud.

Tang has an instinctual style when it comes to her photography: “I like making mistakes, letting my creativity flow freely. I’m not always framing correctly or choosing the right angles” says Tang. We love how each frame has a wonderful narrative of its own, leading the mind a drift to another world.

And when it comes to working with children, Tang advices it’s all about treating them as your equals: “Be a friend, not a grown-up looking down to them, both figuratively and literally. Make eye contact as you say hi, squat if needed, but be on the same level”. Sound advice.

Head over to Katrina Tang’s website to explore more of her delightful projects.

28 Jul 2014

Sweetly Surreal

These surreal and dreamy photographs are the work of the incredibly talented commercial art and fashion photographer, Rus Anson. Rather than being known for a particular routine or style, Anson is instead celebrated for her capricious photographs, which always express a unique take on the world...

When asked what inspires her, Anson listed everything from her grandpa's stories and children's books to her friend's hair and smile. We highly recommend getting lost in more of her work over on her website.

26 Jul 2014


This beautiful co-lab between photographer Yulka Wilam and children’s fashion brand Kids On The Moon has taken us on a mesmerising adventure into a children’s fantasy land. The graceful images and poetic and imaginative, and bring back memories of our own free-range and creative childhood...

This shoot is anything but the typical fashion shoot - instead of pretending to be models, the kids are natural and focused on what they love doing. The result is something far more sincere, unprocessed and alluring to look at.

Yulka Wilam mixes different photography techniques – analogue, digital, polaroid, black & white and colour, portraits and landscapes – to celebrate the magic of childhood and “the uncommon dreams of common children”.

The collaboration was initiated by Kids On The Moon as part of their brand strategy to cooperate with artists around the world to develop and promote art, creativity and passion in children from the early years.

Kids On The Moon is a no gravity brand for kids, created under the full moon. Best worn during night walks on roof tops, playing in stardust and attending formal meetings with UFOs. Check out their full range here.

10 Jul 2014
kids on the moon

Pale Cloud

Lee Clower is a brilliantly gifted photographer who currently resides in New York. With a strong background in fashion, working as a fashion editor for major editorial and advertising campaigns he has recently stepped behind the camera to capture his own vision...

Coupled with his editorial experience with fashion, Clower also has a great affinity for photographing children, and this stunning set of images from the 2014 Spring/Summer Pale Cloud collection is testament to that.

Pale Cloud is a Scandinavian fashion brand, whose aim is to create girls's couture, which is highly wearable on a daily basis. The stylish and whimsical mood of this shoot creates the perfect platform to showcase the butter soft colour pallet, hand stitched detailing and luxurious fabrics (including cashmere, silk and alpaca) that have been used throughout the collection.

Learn more about Pale Cloud here.

05 Jul 2014

Crystal Lens

Beautiful, still and filled with shards of coloured light, this shoot by Mélanie Rodriguez feels as if it has been shot through an exquisite precious gem...

Soft hues of pink and blue welcome the eye, while giant paper crystals scatter the ground, creating an escape into another world.

Shot for Milk Magazine the set was put together by a very talented Lucille Michieli, and the styling by Hélène Lahalle.

We absolutely love the work of Mélanie Rodriguez and have featured her work on Little Gatherer many times before. I think we have a little crush.

24 May 2014

Oui Paris!

We’ve featured the beautiful photography of Mélanie Rodriguez twice before on Little Gatherer so there is no doubting that we seriously adore her work. So when she recently teamed up with the very talented children’s stylist Deborah Sfez and it was a partnership we could not ignore...

The pair got together for the new AW14 Campaign for Australian brand Fred Bare, which was shot in Paris earlier this year.

"The collection was inspired by one of our favourite cities, Paris so naturally it made total sense to shoot the campaign there".

We think these stunning images perfectly capture the romance and beauty of the city – we are instantly transported back to times when we have been sitting in a café perusing the locals are they meander by.

We love the soft winter hues and brilliant everyday moments of being grown up that have been captured in each of the images. You can find more information about the photography, styling and Fred Bare AW14 range below.

Photographer, Melanie Rodriguez –
Stylist, Deborah Sfez –
Fred Bare -

17 May 2014

Wilderness Queens

This stunning shoot from Steven Visneau 'Wilderness Queens' is nothing short of mesmerising. Put together for Issue no. 17 of Small Magazine these beautiful images will leave you completely entranced...

Styled by Steven's amazingly talented wife Christine Visneau, the shoot features some seriously rad antler headpieces and angelic dresses, not to mention some of our favorite brands like Tutu de Monde and Mini & Maximus. No wonder we are in love.

Modern, indie, artistic and effortlessly cool, we love how it captures a sombre yet playful mood and proves that kids fashion shoots can be as edgy and editorial as grown-up shoots.

See more wonderful work from Steve Visneau here.

11 May 2014
wild things