Follow the Ribbon

The work of children’s fashion photographer Katrina Tang has always set our hearts a flutter. And her “Follow the Ribbon” shoot is a particular favourite with captivating charm and magic captured in each image...

Katrina describes this shoot as "A fashion fairy tale of a boy and a girl who escape into a dreamlike, alternative world.”

We adore the light and composition and most of all, the seemingly endless thread of beautiful ribbon woven through each scene interconnecting the entire story.

Dividing her time between New York, London and Estonia Katrina's portfolio includes work for some of our most loved brands like Oeuf, MilK Magazine, and Pale Cloud. You can see more of her beautiful work over on her website.

07 May 2014
wild things

Little Ears

Our hearts melt every time we watch this gorgeous clip created by the incredibly clever Katrina Tang for children's brand Oeuf. The soft hues, the sweet little children, and don't even get us started on those ears...

Born and raised in Estonia, Katrina is still very much inspired by her homeland and the children who live there. And the lovely little lads and lasses that feature in this shoot were discovered at little country schools and local homes from where she grew up.

At present Katrina is living in New York where she works as a freelance children's portraiture and fashion photographer. "Katrina's heart and camera belongs to photographing children" Kelly Kipper, Eesti Ekspress. We couldn't put it better ourselves. You can see more of her wonderful work over on her website.

17 Apr 2014
oeuf nyc

In The Shadows

Paris based Melanie Rodriguez has been a photographer since the moment she discovered the dark room back in high school. Now a grown up, Rodriguez still draws from her younger years to capture the essence of childhood...

We are particularly fond of her shoot titled ‘In the Shadows So You Shine’, a gloomy afternoon filled with secret cubby houses and magical shadow creatures. It takes us straight back to our own childhood.

The styling, art direction and set design is simply enthralling, and was put together by Debrorah Sfez, Lucille Michieli and Gwenaelle Royer respectively.

You can get lost in more of Melanie Rodriguez’s gorgeous work on her website.

16 Apr 2014

The Swans of Tim Walker

Tim Walker's photographs have been gracing the covers of Vogue for over a decade now. Always opting against the more common approach to fashion photography, Walker pursues something more extravagant with his work...

Audacious props (often Swans!), smoky hues and other romantic motifs work together to form a dramatic fairy-tale atmosphere in all of his shots. He manages to create a dreamlike state, almost like a bridge between fantasy and reality.

Walker initially focused on portrait and documentary photography for UK newspapers, and then at the age of 25, he shot his first fashion piece for Vogue. He has never looked back.

His career has been highly celebrated with the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London both including some of Walker’s work permanently in their collections.

You can read more about the works of Tim Walker on his website.

02 Apr 2014
tim walker
swan lake

Petite Menagerie

These stunning images were captured by the amazingly talented photographer, Hannah Scott Stevenson for Papier Mache Magazine. Soft pastel hues and beautiful lighting highlight the sense of innocence amongst these little creatures. A peacock, swan, unicorn and rabbit...

Stevenson recently returned to Australia after living and working in NYC for three years where she worked with some of the top photographers and stylists in the fashion world. Since being back she has worked with many children magazines and brands creating whimsical snapshots into other worlds. See more of her work here.

30 Mar 2014
swan lake
dress ups

Escape with Bonpoint

We have long been in love with beautiful French fashion brand Bonpoint. Not only do they create meticulously stunning garments that are all filled with signature detailing and hand-crafted detail, they also never fail to sweep us away with their beautiful imagery and films that accompany their collections. And this amazing shoot from the Winter 2013 Collection has to be one of our favorites...

Set against a whimsical backdrop, the sweet and romantic images appear to have come straight from a daydream. Made up of delicate lace blouses, tulle petticoats and peter-pan collared dresses, this is the perfect place to showcase their gorgeous collection.

The beautiful mini-movie that goes with the collection is "an invitation to an enchanted land, imbued with humor and magic." Brought to life by the voice of Bill Ryder-Jones singing "By Morning I" the dreamy clip enhances the already stunning clothes.

29 Mar 2014
swan lake

Sweet Monsters

It is every parent’s worst nightmare captured in a set of stunning artworks. Sweet Monsters is collaboration project between the very talented art director Miriam Moshinsky and equally amazing photographer Kristina Fender published at Naif Magazine...

A sugary overload of crazy looks, tantrums and glucose trances, each moment has been captured in the most striking and beautiful way. It has taken a real talent to turn a raging sugar crash into a delightful piece of art.

10 Mar 2014

The Animal Print Shop

All things great and beautiful is what you will find in The Animal Print Shop, an online art gallery and store created by independent artist Sharon Montrose. Combining her passion for photography and love of animals, Montrose has developed a definitive photographic style that is playful, sophisticated and just outright cute...

Her most renowned series, as featured here, is Little Darlings – an absolutely gorgeous collection of heart-melting baby animals photographed in portrait style. The animals are raised (and many rescued) by loving, experienced, and dedicated animal keepers and through this series, The Animal Print Shop has been able to support several organisations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs, and nurturing wildlife.

06 Mar 2014
lions & tigers

Down By The Sea

Down By The Sea is an awe inspiring fashion shoot by American photographer Alexandra Stonehill. Known for her distinctive portraits, Stonehill has managed to capture a unique sense of beauty and timelessness in this collection of shots...

From tankini tops and bathing caps, to linen bloomers and woven onesies, we adore every piece and are especially swooning over the unique vintage styling of the shoot.

You can see the full shoot here, along with all the details of each garment.

22 Jan 2014

Day at the Seaside

In her 2012 Spring/Summer collection shoot for Italian children’s brand Detta Dada, photographer Michala Nale takes us back in time to the Roaring Twenties for a day at the seaside...

In this shoot she has very cleverly captured joy and cheekiness in her subjects, successfully paying homage to the jazzy, artistic and art deco vibe of the decade. So much so that we want to jump in a teleport and pay a visit to this very point in time.

Combining her passion for photography and fashion, Nale explains her role is to make the beautiful features and harmony of all the colours stand out. Then when the moment is right, her finger will have an incontestable impulse to press the shutter release button. And hasn't she done just that with this shoot? It’s as she has stolen moments of mini people plucked straight from the 1920s.

14 Jan 2014