Waddler AW13

Looking at Waddler's latest photo shoot for their Autumn Winter 2013 collection is like stepping into another world. Snow capped mountains and grassy plains create the backdrop for the beautiful images where gorgeous children run free. It is very tempting to pack our bags and join them...

Shot in the vast plains of Bolvia this shoot, like Waddler's other shoots, was an adventure for all those involved. "We took six children to a remote region of the Bolivian Altiplano between four and five kilometres above sea level where they ran free in a vast land of open grassy plains and grazing alpacas, overlooked by the snow capped peak of Sajama."

Inspired by the environment and free spirited children this shoot is a perfect reflection of the Waddler brand and everything it stands for.

15 Dec 2013

Donna Hay Kids Magazine - Fairy Party

Any meadow can become a wonderland with the addition of a pair of wings and a picnic spread fit for a fairy queen. And who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon wearing beautiful floral crowns, eating delicious rainbow sprinkled cake and chasing frogs in search of prince charming...

We just fell in love with this fairy photo shoot from Donna Hay Kids Magazine's 2012 Issue. Filled with whimsical scenes of moss covered magic, this is one fairy party we wish we were invited to!

Like a scene straight out of Midsummers Night dream, little fairies flit across the pages, beautiful vintage picnic blankets lay on the mossy ground, and soft tulle hangs from the trees creating a land of wonder.

We would be hard pressed to pick which recipe in Donna Hays magazine we would like to devour first...

Sugared toadstools, Spiced honey Jumbles, Butterfly jam tarts or Raspberry lemonade pops... it all sounds mouthwatering delicious to us!

Oh how we wish we could spend a day in this delightful little fairy grotto!

To get a copy of the latest Donna Hay Kids Magazine, you can visit the website. It is also available for download as an I-Pad app.

Images courtesy of Dust Jacket.

05 Dec 2013

Cutting Shapes

Filled with whimsy and colour these stunning images from New York based photographer Amanda Pratt are a beauty to behold...

Well known for her creative energy behind the lens these images are full of life, transporting the viewer into a world filled with shapes of colour.

25 Nov 2013

Camping with Tim Walker

As world renowned photographer Tim Walker's images always have an extravagant element of razzle-dazzle in them. Walker is most well-known for his exuberant and theatrical fashion shoots, but in these examples he takes his English eccentricity to the next level without using any people in shot...

One of our favourites is the library tent scene, which conjures up so many memories of school study time, slumber parties and camping trips all rolled into one. Apparently the shot came from an accidental realisation from Walker that when it rains you can still shoot everything inside: “ There was a camping series we did in Devon. It poured for the whole week, so we set the tents up in a library inside a house” explains Walker.

We are not sure what the original image was planned to look like, but it would have been tough to top this!

21 Nov 2013

Vege People

Veges have never looked so good thanks to Swedish experimental photographer Carl Kleiner. Most well-known for his creative work for Ikea, Kleiner this time puts his still life photography skills to the test with the humble vegetable. And doesn't he deliver!

The playful composition of the vegetables brings to life some amazing characters, each of whom we’d love to meet. From a goggly-eyed elephant to a big-nosed police constable, each personality is more eccentric than the next and has left us looking at our vegetable crisper completely differently.

See more of Carl Kleiner’s work here.

23 Oct 2013
art and design

Into the Wilderness

These striking photographs were taken by Jens Haugen for the beautiful Norwegian children’s brand Jumina. Created for the brand’s 2012 Spring/Summer campaign, Haugen lists Norwegian forests, animals, mountains, lakes and Scandinavian fairy tales as the inspiration behind the shoot...

The moody dark blues and greens captured in the images deliver a level of realness to the images that transport you straight to wilderness…as if you are standing on the lake’s edge yourself, wind blowing through your hair, and eagles soaring high above.

Jumina is the first Norwegian children’s brand to have a total collection made from 100% Fairtrade certified cotton. See more stunning images from the shoot at the Jumina website.

12 Oct 2013

Balloons with a twist

When it comes to balloon twisting, we used to think the old classics were impressive. The long-stemmed flower, the pirate sword and the cute little sausage dog. Well things just got serious...

This 2010 shoot for Kico Kids takes the art of balloon twisting to the next level. Lobsters, crabs, anchors, sharks and fish, this friends, is one impressive underwater inflatable fiesta.

These clever creatures were created by Todd Neufeld and Casey Shamey of the Twisted Balloon Company.

01 Oct 2013

Floating Fantastique

Karen Walker always hits the mark with her eyewear look-books and 2012 was no exception. This wonderful balloon inspired campaign was conceived by the brand’s creative director Mikhail Gherman: “I wanted to capture the collection’s optimistic and celebratory feel…I love the way that even inanimate objects can immediately become filled with extraordinary personality with the addition of a great pair of shades”....

The six limited-edition pieces in the ‘Fantastique’ range are reinterpretations of some of KW’s most famous styles re-done in show-stopping laser-cut black and gold metal filigree. Fantastique indeed.

30 Sep 2013
karen walker

Alice in Waterland

Get lost in a world of water with these incredible Alice in Wonderland inspired images by underwater photographer Elena Kalis. "I often feel like I am in another dimension, just like Alice who found herself in a strange place when she fell into the rabbit hole one warm afternoon"...

With her own daughter Sacha playing Alice, Elena takes us on a journey through the rabbit hole and into a surreal underwater land filled with soft dappled light and quirky familiar characters.

And this may not be the last you see of Alice... "I had to keep the shootings short and fun so it took about two years to capture a collection of images for this project, although I can’t say that it is finished even now. I still have a lot of ideas to try"...

23 Sep 2013

Circus of Dreams

This beautiful collection of photos from Tutu Du Monde transports us to a world filled with tinkling circus music and dancers on horse back...

Dressed in sequins, tulle and feathered headdresses, the little performers dance through the frame capturing the magic of circus life.

Creating beautiful handmade Tutus that are detailed with delicate beading and exquisite fabrics, this shoot captures the magic that is Tutu Du Monde.

You can find out more about Tutu Du Monde by reading our Style Makers feature.

02 Sep 2013
tutu du monde