Zoo Portraits

Brilliant, marvellous, wonderful. No, make that gorgeous, charming and magnificent. Zoo Portraits is a creative project by Barcelona-based graphic artist and photographer Yago Partal...

In beautiful harmony he mixes fashion photography with the animal kingdom, creating a collection that includes a ton of animals like bears, wolves, monkeys, owls, leopards, pandas, raccoons and more.

We’ve tried our hearts out, but we can’t pick a favourite. It’s just not possible!

23 Aug 2013
art and design

Flying Houses

If Dorothy had of been armed with a DSLR camera on that fateful day in Kansas 1939, we are pretty sure this is the scene she would have captured. This whimsical collection of flying houses is the work of French photographer Laurent Chéhère...

Originally known for his commercial work for brands like Nike and Audi, Chéhère had a change of heart and decided to dump advertising and travel the world. "All these flying houses are the fruits of my travels in the popular districts of Paris, Ménilmontant and Belleville.”

After many countries and countless photographs his flying houses series was born - a collection of fantastical buildings, homes, tents and trailers removed from their backgrounds and casually suspended in the sky.

"I tried to get these sad houses out of the anonymity of the street, to help them to tell their story, true or fantasised," said Chéhère.

If this little sample isn’t enough, you can see more amazing scenes on Chéhère’s website.

29 Jul 2013

The Surreal World of Loretta Lux

Stare into the eyes of a Loretta Lux portrait and something will stir within. You may feel bewildered, mesmerised or spooked – quite possibly all three. Whatever you feel, it will probably hang around for days haunting your mind like a mysterious dreamscape...

Originally trained as a painter, Lux went on to master photography and the art of digital manipulation. And when these three forces combined a new art-world wonder was born.

We love how Lux isn’t on a mission to create fussy photographic replicas of wee people. Yet she doesn't go overboard bending them around either. Instead she lands somewhere right in between. Their eyes are only slightly haunted, their heads marginally too big. Just meddled with enough to leave you second guessing…where am I?

We aren’t entirely sure where we go when looking at these amazing artworks. But it sure feels surreal and like no other world we’ve been to before.

Lux is originally from Germany and she now lives and works in Monaco. Get lost in more of her work on her website.

19 Jul 2013

From the Earth

These stunning images were created by Argenina based photographer Gaby Herbstein, and illustrator Pablo Bernasconi. There are twelve images in total that make up a calendar to help raise awareness for future generations about the importance of using recycled materials. The sets and some of the costumes were created using recycled materials. The outcome is really quite magical.

11 Jul 2013

Blue Moon

Inspired by the commedia dell'arte characters Pierrot and the Harlequin encountering a bewildering blue moon, these beautiful editorial shots were captured for Papier Mache Magazine. Entitled 'Moon', the images were photographed by the incredibly clever Nick and Chloé, the same duo behind Birds of Colour, a beautiful collection of photos we shared a few weeks ago. The hero image of 'Moon' won a well deserved American Photography Award earlier this year.

27 Jun 2013

All The Children

These beautiful images are part of the long term collaboration between H&M and UNICEF. The five-year project called 'All For Children', was launched in 2009 and is aimed at protecting the rights of children in the South of India and Bangladesh, enabling them access to education, healthcare and nutrition services...

Based around 'Magic Little Circus', Milk Magazine teamed up with Mathilde and Perrine, great minds behind the wonderful store Les Petits Bohèmes that we featured earlier in the week, to create the beautiful set.

With 25% of all sales of the H&M collection going towards UNICEF, this stunning collaboration brought attention to a much needed cause.

They also created this gorgeous video to accompany the campaign.

26 Jun 2013

A Touch of Magic

Photographer Cleo Sullivan took this lovely series of images for Bonnie Young's Spring Collection. Taking photos from a young age, Sullivan's first images were of her pony, Magic. Inspired by her mother and grandmother who were both artists, Sullivan's whimsical sensibility is captured beautifully in her work, translating perfectly into the world of imagery. And this beautiful shoot is no exception...

24 Jun 2013

A Wall of Birds

Travelling throughout her childhood, photographer Leila Jeffreys had an incredible insight into the natural world. As a child she lived with her family in a house boat in Kashmir, surrounded by monkeys, mongoose and buffaloes. Taking inspiration from her late father Richard, and his love of the planet and all of its life, Jeffreys has also travelled the world, helping scientists study endangered birds on Christmas Island, capturing moments at the World Budgerigar 'best in show' competition, and photographing migrating birds across Europe...

"My father was from the Isle of Man. My mother from India. My brother was born in Australia and I was born in Papua New Guinea. The four of us had many wonderful adventures." Her time in India exposed her to all types of wildlife, "I remember school excursions in India sitting by the river studying kingfishers diving for their dinner and everyday we would check in on our giant spider that lived in the school room."

After moving to Australia she often rescued birds and wildlife with her father. "These were magical times and I still love travel, wildlife and photography". It was well studying in Sydney where she now lives, that she fell in love with photographing wildlife, developing in particular a huge passion for birds.

Wanting to convey the beauty of these stunning creatures that is often overlooked due to their small size, she began capturing beautiful shots of Australia's native Budgerigar in the same style as a human-portrait.

You can see the love and respect that Jeffreys has for the subjects of her work, capturing their beauty in a way that only someone with an understanding of our world can.

18 Jun 2013

Magical Little Moments

Barbara Berrada is the epitome of talent. Not only does she create beautiful bespoke clothing for children, under her label Les Ziguois, but she is also an amazing phtographer, stylist and painter...

After the birth of her sons, Berrada rediscovered the joys of childhood, those little magical moments of time that can so easily go unnoticed. Based in France, Berrada captures beauty in everyday moments, making the less obvious engagingly beautiful.

Whether its the hoods with ears, or the timeless snapshots that draw you in, I can guarantee you will spend many happy hours lost in her blog Zigouis.

27 May 2013
spots and dots

Birds of Colour

Captured by photography duo Nick and Chloé, this beautiful series of images entitled 'Birds' were created for Junior Magazine in 2012. With 80s futuristic inspired costumes and stunning paper props by Le Creative Sweatshop, child like flamingos, finches and parrots appear to leap off the pages. Working together since 2005, Nick and Chloé have created many shoots based around imaginary tales of childhood, bringing images full of colour to life on the page. Chloé says "The birds idea came out of a dream... both birds and kids await for the moment where they flap their wings and fly away."

09 May 2013