Gifts to Grow Into

These visually stunning images were shot by Thomas Klementsson for NK, a Stockholm based department store. Although they are from a few years ago, the images are still fresh and engaging, depicting unimpressed children receiving grown-up presents. Back then, NK wanted to encourage more contemporary gift giving for children. Rather than the usual silver spoons and golden charms, they wanted people to buy gifts that they would appreciate more over time. As part of this, they extended the return policy on selected gifts from 30 day to 30 years, allowing children time to grow into their gifts.

02 May 2013

Friends with Clouds

Friends with Clouds Michael Casker

This beautiful series of photos by Michael Casker follows the story of a girl befriending a cloud and heading off on an adventure. 'Pet Cloud' captures special moments of the two interacting in different ways, from playing chess to sharing cotton candy. Be sure to click through to see more great shots of a girl and her pet cloud.

28 Apr 2013

Who Am I

In this sweet little series of photos for Nido Magazine, Sarah Illenberger creates a world where children donned in paper cone hats become the Apollo, or wrapped in cotton wool become a soft cloud. Sarah works as a renowned illustrator and designer in many forms, creating engaging and often humerous stories that draw the viewer into the image. Sarah mostly works alone, but occasionaly teams up with a photographer as she has with Silke Weinsheimer for this series of images.

26 Apr 2013