A City of Storage

These gorgeous Dutch-style canal house closets from Kast Van Een Huis create the perfect cityscape for little bedrooms. Inspired by the architecture of Amsterdam and standing close to two metres tall, these captivating closets will leave your little grasshopper feeling more like Godzilla as they roam around their bedroom...

Here we feature the Amsterdam Cabinet, which is available in three gable types and four sizes. There are also 12 colour finishes to choose from, so there’s no need to paint the whole town red. But then again, we usually find that rather fun!

Clever mumma Marie-Louise Groot Kormelink is the founder of the company. Her vision was to design cabinets with durable and timeliness design, have appeal to both children and adults, be multifunctional and adjustable and most importantly put a smile on your face.

One thing is for sure, they definitely exude wow factor and make putting clothes and toys away fun.