Create a Space with Mocka

The best place to begin when deciding how to decorate your little one's room is their bed. Once you've chosen a great statement bed, the rest will start to fall into place. And you need not look further than Mocka to find it...

Online furniture store Mocka not only has a great selection of cots and beds to choose from, but an array of other fun homewares to add to your home.

You really can't go past a metal bed frame, it perfectly compliments the soft furnishings around it and you can pick a colour that will suit the room and make it pop.

Like a great bedroom, a playroom is an equally fun thing to decorate. Throw in a teepee to give them the perfect little hideout and you can't go wrong with a rocking horse!

To check out their full range of homewares and furnishings, head over to the Mocka website.

16 Oct 2015