Creative Showcase - 100 Percent Heart

Based in the gorgeous NZ beachside town of Mount Maunganui, 100 Percent Heart create an amazing array of wall stickers and wall art designs that are sure to add fun to any space...

With a background in Visual Arts, photography, sign writing and web development, 100 Percent Heart founder Haley Ashby loves developing products that inspire people to create their own inspiring space. In addition to her 100 Percent Heart brand, Haley and her husband run a cool gift shop slash skate store called Good Regards. An unusual store concept that soon grows on you!

We asked Haley a few questions about what drives her...
What inspired you to start 100 Percent Heart?
When my partner Glenn and I first met he was (technically still is) a professional sign writer. We ran the business together for a couple of years, before deciding to switch to other things. But this is how I learnt about all the processes equipment and media. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out all the fun things I could do with the left over vinyl we had from jobs and so the wall stickers finally evolved.

What do you love most about creating homewares for kids?
Hands down the feedback we get. Our customers are so kind to share their stories with us and just how much their wee ones love them. From the wee Arlo who growls at his grizzly bear wall stickers to another wee man who cant wait to show everyone his triangles – that’s the absolute best part and I get all squidgy inside. I also love seeing peoples colour combinations, these orders come through with great colour choices and I find myself thinking wow what a great idea – I hadn’t thought of that!

What was your most exciting adventure you had as a kid?
I grew up on a farm so to be fair I had a lot of amazing adventures, every day was an adventure with such a huge back yard. One particularly fun day we went eeling in our little stream and my brother decided we should build a dam. We spent all day working on it but it never really worked, out of frustration my brother shoved a branch he had ripped off a willow tree into the ground, and to our surprise it grew in to a large beautiful tree that is still there now.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
An architect. I designed houses and stables over and over again as a kid. Even my Lego was in floor plan form. I would do floor plans of our dream house and my bedroom would take up half the house, include a spa and swimming pool and would always be next to the stables. I also drove mum crazy by ringing the 0800 numbers on the building company advertisements and ordering all of their brochures to study their floor plans. When I got to high school I discovered accuracy wasn’t a strong point for me during technical drawing class and decided perhaps architecture wasn’t my calling.

If you were a kid in Mt Maunganui where is the first place you would go?
The beach, with out a doubt. Either in the harbour or the waves, both sides are super fun. Finish up with a soak in the salt-water hot pools and then frozen yoghurt to top it off!

If One Hundred Percent Heart were to make their ultimate snow cone, what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
It would be mountain shaped and dark chocolate flavoured mountain with cookies and cream snow on the top.

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