Creative Showcase - Laikonik

When we discovered the gorgeous Laikonik, a small design and textile silk screen studio based in Sydney, we fell in love with the beautiful designs and in particular, their adorable 'Once a year' book. Inspired by Polish folklore and Scandinavian design, the handmade textiles have a unique, tactile beauty with a focus on sustainability...

We asked the lovely Josephine a few questions about Laikonik...
What is the idea behind your brand and how did it start?
To put it simply - thoughtful, sustainable design. Laikonik is all about exploring creativity and getting back to traditional methods of creating products with purpose. We are artisans, passionate about hand crafted, original, Australian products in a world of mass produced, commercial and disposable goods. We're serious about sustainability and quality, and believe inspiration should always come before commercialism. So, our products are made using materials as close to their original earth source as possible, they are made in the least complicated way and they carry our beautiful designs which inspire the user and bring art into the everyday tasks. Simplicity, quality and longevity.

Kasia Jaquot founded Laikonik in 2005, mainly selling the Once a Year books and prints at markets. I came on board in 2011, and initially worked on refining the products and production methods. I took over in 2012 and Kasia went on to pursue teaching and embroidery. This was always the intention and she just wanted to make sure her "baby" Laikonik went into the right hands. And here we are today!

At the moment we're working on some collaborations with some very talented Australian creatives - the most recent collaborative project we released with Laura Blythman has received a great response so we're looking forward to doing more to partner with out fellow Aussie designers and makers!

What is your background?
Im originally from the West coast of Tasmania, but traveled all over Australia with my family. I studied a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Print making and Graphic Design at the University of Tasmania Centre for Fine Art, then went on to work in graphic design for 20 plus years living and working in San Francisco, NZ and all over Australia.

What do you love most about creating for Laikonik?
I love an organic approach to design and tactile products. Im usually driven by the fabric - my obsession with all things linen is no big secret - and a focus on utilitarian design. The utilitarian focus comes from being a busy working Mother of two boys, I think.

What inspires you?
Clever, beautiful design. Design with purpose and with environmental impact in mind.

You work a lot with paper cutouts, what does this add to your work?
This is more Kasia Jacquot's style, which I love. It gives every thing we do a hand made quality. My style is representative of traditional printmaking methods - lithography, etching, etc. You can see this within the textural elements of our Boris print, for example.

Your products are created in an environmentally friendly way, why is this so important?
I have always gravitated towards natural fabrics and products, working with beautiful, sustainable materials has been a big part of the foundation for Laikonik. I am always looking for the definitive texture, weave, or colour. Sustainable products and design are so important as it is really up to us and the next generations to take better care of our planet. That means making considered choices, but it doesn't mean missing out on beautiful, desirable products either. If we're mindful, we can do both.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Sydney?
Supporting other Australian designers and makers is important to us. I love Kido Store, Clovelly and Tree House Kids, who support Australian designers. As well as a new little boutique store in our local Bondi, Shop U - they also support Australian designers and makers like us!

If Laikonik were to create the ultimate milkshake what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
Blue berries are a favourite and the antioxidants definitely help, juggling children and a full time job.

23 Feb 2015