Creative Showcase - Sack Me

We are yet to meet a child (or adult!) that wouldn't be ecstatic to go to bed on a plush scoop of ice cream under a scattering of sprinkles every night. Whether it's bedding covered in pasta or vegetable bandits we have a feeling that you are going to love the amazing offering from Australian bedding brand Sack Me! as much as we do...

Le-Ann Scott created Sack Me! bedding in August 2013. When it was time for her twin boys to move into big-boy-beds she went on a hunt for the perfect bedding with a balance of quirky and eclectic, yet classic designs on quality linen. And when her quest came to a dead end, Sack Me was born.

We are secretly thankful that Li-Ann can’t sing or sew. If she could, we would have lost her to a dazzling career as a Broadway performer or a fashion designer. Don’t get us wrong, that would have been great, but it means we would never have been introduced to the wonderfully delicious Sack Me! bedding.

We caught up with Li-Ann to find out more about what inspires her creative and fun bedding range for children...
What inspired you to start Sack Me!?
The idea for Sack Me! came about in 2013 when I failed to find bedding for my boys which was a mix fun, classic and quirky, that wasn’t either gender specific (rockets, trains, cars for boys) or just patterns – as beautiful as they are, I felt it lacked a sense of adventure for kids.

I saw an opportunity to create a unisex range that was truly unique - a twist on familiar objects (in this instance, food) that can really get the kids excited and went for it! Ultimately we want bedtime to be fun - a platform for creative little minds to explore and express by telling their own stories from the designs.

What do you love most about designing homewares for children?
I love that my world is a child’s play right now and I hope that never changes. There is so much wonder, hope and possibility in a child's mind that I get to explore and extract, and translate into my designs. I get to take the children on an adventure with my work, and that gives me immense joy and satisfaction. It's a huge bonus when that rubs off onto the 'young-at-heart' too!

What inspires your designs?
Travel, fashion, conversations and definitely my children. I’m certainly not governed by trends… I love to zig when everyone zags!

Where are your favourtie places to go in Melbourne with kids?
Because the weather is so awesome most times of the year (hah!) we love our indoor visits to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and also to Heide Museum of Modern Art. There are often a variety of kids activities and programmes which my children enjoy participating in. When the sun comes out to play, we take our bikes for a ride around St. Kilda’s foreshore. For a quick escape, we love spending time in Sorrento.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I secretly wanted to be a performer on Broadway, dancing was a big part of my life growing up. Pity I can’t even sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ in tune. Somewhere in that mix, I considered a career in fashion but I hated to sew… so that didn’t work out either! I’m so blessed to be living my dream right now - being able to express my creativity, and to share it with everyone.

If Sack Me! were to make the ultimate candy bar, what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
Oh it would have to be nutty, and there must be salted caramel in the mix! Maybe this image would help...