Creative Showcase - Studio LileSadi

Founded in 2011 by twin sisters Dinah and Sarah, Studio LileSadi creates beautiful products that will brighten up your life. With backgrounds in textile design, and media and marketing, the sisters realised their mutual dream and joined forces to establish their own studio. This is when Studio LileSadi was born...

Dinah and Sarah have a love of true craftsmanship, using only Dutch manufacturers and suppliers. Offering a range of products that grow with every season, Studio LileSadi covers everything from homewares and art prints, to the launch of their new kids collection. With their graphic yet soft colouring they hope to bring a pureness and beauty to everything they create.

We asked Dinah and Sarah, the clever duo behind LileSadi what makes them tick...
What do you love most about creating all your gorgeous products?
We love to bring pureness and poesy to the homes of both small and big people, and to brighten up their lives.

For our first kids collection we’ve been inspired by Mother Nature’s mountains, valleys and the mysterious animals that live there, such as bears and wolves. Triangles that form hills, bears on the move, torrential rain over rolling valleys, and a lone wolf scouting rocky mountains. It is contrast-rich meeting between the hard and the soft.

What inspires you?
Dinah is inspired by structures and materials that surround her, she abstracts them to create patterns. Also by photography and architecture. Magazines like IdN, Cut, Blend and Blogs like patternity are also a source of inspiration. She loves origami structures and playing with colour.

Sarah’s son Luca, is a big source of inspiration for our kids collection. He is little prince who everyday take us on a trip into his little world of joy and curiosity. Walking around with a child opens your eyes to things you would not notice. A leaf, a funny dog, a pigeon or just a whistling tree, which is great!

Where are you based?
Our studio is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where we we design our collections, and where the finishing of the products takes place. Rotterdam is a sort of Mini-New York or Berlin, full of creative initiatives and a very friendly vibe. Our studio is situated next to the fantastic Concept store GROOS, where our products are sold too.

What do you enjoy most about working together?
Being twins, we are so similar but very different as well. Dinah as the designer is more the dreamer of us two and Sarah takes care of the organization. When Dinah has an artist crisis Sarah pulls her up and when Sarah has too many ideas at once, Dinah brings her "down to earth".

We make a great team, we know each other so well, that the ideas flow and we can be honest with each other without holding back. We both have the same way of working, we like to work hard, but as well we know when it is time for a moment of relaxation to tank new ideas. Working for LileSadi does not feel like work, it is very inspiring and fun, all the time new projects and new ideas.

If you were a kid in Rotterdam, where is the first place you'd go?
We would go skate on the half pipe at Westblaak. As kids in Germany we had skateboards, but our balance skills were not the greatest! ;-) But when we see these cool kids cruizing through Rotterdam we totally want to do it as well.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
(Dinah) Its crazy but I I thought I would become an author. I was always writing funny stories when I was a girl. I loved to invent stories and shape the characters.

I was a bit of a dreamer. Maybe this was the beginning of my love for creativity. As well I would draw for hours and hours very intuitively geometric shapes and I painted on silk. But I didn't know that you can do this as a profession.

If Lilesadi were to create the ultimate ice cream sundae, what would it look like?