Donna Wilson SS15

Every product in the new Donna Wilson SS15 collection is an object of absolute desire. With cushions, tumblers, toys, kitchenware and socks, there is something for everyone, including yourself!

First up in the collection are the gorgeous Cotton Mini Cushions with their friendly Lion and Tiger motifs. Digitally printed and made in the UK, they are perfect for little heads to rest on.

Then they have a selection of gorgeous kitchenware products, which are a brand new addition to the DW repertoire. Featuring so many fresh and friendly faces, you will never feel lonely again when eating your breakfast or whipping up a batch of cookies.

Carlos Beaver and Lulu Lemur are the latest dudes to Donna’s ever-growing family of eccentric and lovable knitted creatures (with which founded her company back in 2003!). Carlos is secretly a graffiti artist and loves cheeseburgers. Lulu is very energetic and loves throwing water balloons.

All in all, the SS15 collection is an absolute winner. Head over to the Donna Wilson website to see the whole kit-and-kaboodle including the new range of funstatic hobby horses and playful cotton socks. You will love, love, love them.