Hunting For George

Hunting For George is an independent lifestyle brand brought to you by an eclectic bunch of Melbourne folk. Inspired by life and everything in-between...

Ever since we discovered this gem of brand, we have been swept up in a tidal wave of euphoria. Browsing beautiful bedding, interiors and accessories has never been so time consuming and tempting until now.

Hunting For George started back in 2010. It began with two clever cookies, Lucy and Jo, and a handful of brands. They soon branched into creating their own products, starting with the stunning ‘Oh the places you’ll go print’, which to this day is still one of the brand’s best sellers.

The success of the print gave the duo the confidence to expand their collection into handmade clocks, bed linen, textile accessories and Australian made furniture. The good news is, their range not only covers homeware products but also products for men, women and the home in general.

We are smitten with Hunting For George and think you will love it too. Head over to their website to check out their full range for yourself.