Hunting for Toys

Whether you are hunting for a rabbit, a deer, or badger with a pipe, there are some amazing mounted animal heads on offer. Here we have gathered together some of our cruelty free favourites for the conscious trophy collector...

1. Beautiful felt deer head created by Nadya Sheremet. 2. AIC Faux Taxidermy have created a perfect pirate pal, with Ivan, the Intolerable Ivory-Deer. 3. Needle felted miniature deer from Faux Fauna. 4. Also from Faux Fauna, this gorgeous rabbit is just too cute for words. Those chubby cheeks would look fabulous on any wall. 5. If you're feeling crafty, create you own animal head with this Paper Rabbit Kit from Hop Hop Hop Shop. 6. Emily Warren from The Stealthy Rabbit creates wonderful animal heads such as this lovely Hare. We definitely recommend checking out the rest of her beautiful work. 7. Bronze Resin Bear Head from White Faux Taxidermy. 8. Rather dapper British Badger from David Farrer Sculpture. 9. Add some wolfy charm with this beautiful Wolf head from Abigail Brown.

15 May 2013