Inside Out

As the saying goes, the simple things in life are the best. Take this collection of beautiful raw plywood furniture from Finnish architect Takkunen for example...

Beautifully understated, the entire range completely outshines the busy and overcomplicated designs of much of the children’s furniture design we see these days.

The collection is called Luona In, which loosely translates to ‘inside with’. The idea being that children can climb inside to play, study or hide away and be at one with their imagination.

Not only are the designs rather handsome, but they are also highly functional. Solid and sturdy, each piece is guaranteed to whether the rough and tumble of play time in any house.

We are always fond of clean, functional furniture that is flexible and stimulates creative play… so there is no surprises we are smitten with this new find.
Check out the full collection here.

05 Aug 2014


I would love to purchase the tree clothing rack but when I click on the links I can't seem to find it. Can you please help out?

Hi Amy. Here is the link to the Tree clothing Rack - - Hope that helps! LG x

Unfortunately I can't understand what it is saying - and as I am based in melbourne Australia do you know if they ship internationally? Thank you for responding, much appreciated

Hi Amy, Perhaps you could send them a quick message via their contact page to see if they ship internationally, hope this helps!: LG x

I love many of the pieces but can't find anywhere to order them. please help!!? thank you!!

Thank you for being the ONLY blog to review this fabulous line and include the link! I live in NYC and have been searching for hours, and literally no one else did include any way to contact this clever architect for this fabulous line! Happy Monday! xo Joy

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