On a Journey with Fabelab

The wonderful team from FABELAB are taking us all on a journey to awesomeness with their brand new collection. We can't think of a better way to kick start the year than reviewing this gorgeous, fun and innovating range from the amazing Scandinavian brand...

The collection has been inspired by the humble journey and has us wanting to pack our bags and escape for another break already.

“We have been inspired by little dreamers, curious adventurers and cute pirates on their journey and we have created a universe of organic textiles to cuddle, sleep and get comfortable with” explains the brand.

The characters playfully take the shape of bibs and lunch bags, a purse and cushions, soft travel friends to accompany your little ones on their journey to discover the world. Let’s go!

The marvellous characters can also be spotted in the beautifully embroidered “storytelling blankets” which encourage little ones to follow the thread and unravel their own magical story.

Like all FABELAB creations, innovation is at the forefront of these designs. The colourful bedding sets can fold into a bag and allow your little one bring their own bedtime story along and feel safe when sleeping over at a pal’s house.

FABELAB is designed by Michaela W-B, an Austrian architect living in Copenhagen, who embraces Scandinavian design, taking inspiration from people’s stories, cultures and her background as an architect and stage designer. We love the simplicity of their geometric shapes and how the bring playtime to the most basic of products.

We are lucky enough to stock a few of our favourite FABELAB products ourselves over on the Gathered Store – check them out here.

08 Feb 2016