By the Light of a Mushroom

There is no sweeter way to drift off to sleep than with the flickering light of fairy house watching over you. These adorable lamps from Little Belle will fill a room with magic and send you off to dreamland with a smile...

New Zealand based designer, Laura Burbery, is inspired by the imagination of her young daughter. She decided to create a collection of nightlights with a contemporary twist that appeal to both children and design minded parents.

Little Belle nightlights emit a gentle amber glow through the window, door and chimney. The light mimics a candle with a soothing flickering effect that can be safely left on all night.

Hand crafted to the highest standard, the lamps are beautifully made and draw on the nostalgia of traditional nightlights we had as children.

A true keepsake, the lamps are as much of a pleasure to give, as they are to receive. Check out the full range of lamps over at Little Belle.

Gorgeous images thanks to Victoria Halford from Kidsuite.