Little Spaces - Amélie and Esmée's Rooms

Take two wonderful girls, one wonderful mum, one wonderful dad and a bit of old fashion creativity and DIY... the outcome is two lovely rooms for two lucky little ladies. These gorgeous spaces belong to Amélie and Esmée, two sisters who love to spend their days playing games with their loving family...

When creating their rooms their mum Marissa wanted to create a space where the girls could relax and reflect on the day before bed. Touches of colour scatter the white walls alongside memories and reminders of the love that surrounds them.

We asked their lovely mum Marissa about her inspiration when putting the spaces together...
How would you describe Amélie?
Amélie is such a wonderful girl. She is very sensitive and has a big heart. She wants everybody to be happy around her. From the day her sister was born she was in love. Really. Her sister means the world to her.

How would you describe Esmée?
My bébé… Esmée - Oh where shall I start. We call her our wonder girl... I couldn’t believe that I could love someone as much as I love my Amélie. To me, she was the meaning of love and life. But when Esmée was born. I knew it right away: love doesn’t divide. It multiplies.

Two months ago she fought for her life due to a bacterial infection. We were in the hospital for four weeks. We were so worried. We were so in pain. We had so many doubts. But that little girl showed us she wanted to live. She was so strong. And she came back. Stronger then ever. I was with her from the day she was born. Never a day apart. And that is so special. When I look in her eyes I just know she will do great things in life. She already did. She is such a warm hearted child. That’s why we call her “wonder girl”.

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up their rooms?
First thing was painting Amélies room white. She had so many pretty things but due to the color of her walls, soft pink with lilac, it missed its effect. All girls' momma's know that a 2-3 year old girl wants pink. If they could choose they would paint their ceiling, floor and walls pink! Luckily for us she was thrilled to sleep in her "new" old white room. I think she likes it because it's decorated with some of her favourite pink items. Then when I found out I was pregnant of another baby girl I knew exactly how her room would look like. Black, White and very sweet with a delicate pop of pink.

The girls don't really play in their room. It is a "bedroom" but most of all a place where they can relax before bedtime. We overlook the day and talk and laugh and read stories. It is so much nicer to do that in a lovely decor.

What are your favourite things in girl's rooms?
My favourite items are the same in both rooms. A sweet lady whom i met on instagram painted my girls... So delicate, so pure. I know that those paintings will always have a special place in their rooms.

They also both have postcards which i hung up with washi tape. It is a selection of the almost hundred cards we received when my bébé was in the hospital... The most wonderful words were written on those cards. We even received a four-leaf-clover. So special.

Where did you collect the pieces for their rooms?
I collected the pieces through the years. My favourite brands are Ferm Living, Donna Wilson, Fine Little day, L'atelier de Juliette, OMM design, Mono Mini, Luckyboysunday, Studio Escargot and many more. The old cribs and chairs are thrifted. There still are a lot of treasures in thrift stores. My Amélie loves the old crib for her dolls.

Where is your favourite place to go in Belgium with children?
We love staying at home. Watching TV, stay in our pj’s the whole day in front of the stove or just playing a memory game. One of our favourite things to do is visiting new small villages in the country but also new cities… As long as we’re together as a family of four.

Some of Marissa's favourite designers on instagram:
Print "Somebunny loves you" and "Wild Thing": Mono Mini.
Black and white dolls: studio escargot.
Prints pirum parum and tree blanket "Fine little day": Pearls and Swines.
Luckyboysunday dolls and my fav clothes shop for the girls: Scandinavian Minimall.
Sweetest blankets and cushions: Julie Pauwels.
Dreamcatcher and cuddle in retro crib: Bisou de Lou.
Print Stars and little postcards: eef lillemor.
Birthday crown and bowtie mint: Suussies.

All images are courtesy of Marissa aka the wonderful @_mesfillesmavie__.

08 Nov 2014