It starts with a drawing and ends with a cuddle. No we’re not talking about an afternoon at grandmas, but a rather delightful store we’ve just discovered on Etsy called Milipa...

When Milena Paladino moved to Italy from Poland her life changed. After having a beautiful boy called Giacomo she started to make him puppets to make him smile. One thing led to another and the lovely Milipa brand was born.

“My son showed me that everything I do has a purpose if it is done with love and passion” says Milena.

Fast forward to today and Milena now makes some of the cutest children’s toys around. With countless clouds and flocks of sheep to count, it would be a synch to sleep in a room filled with these cute plush friends.

Milena makes all of her creatures herself… with loads of love going into every stitch and fibre: "I start usually with an idea of a toy in my head. Then, I transform this idea into a drawing. Then the finished drawing is transformed into a real object, using natural fabric, my sewing machine and my own bare hands for embroidery details” explains Melina.

We love this gorgeous collection of cosy friends and we hope you do to. Head over to Etsy to check out the store for yourself.

09 May 2015