Mrs Mighetto - The Forgotten Tivoli

The newest collection from Mrs Mighetto is sure to leave you delighted! Titled 'The Forgotten Tivoli' it is filled with all the mystery and wonder that we have come to love from this creative duo...

"For many years, the tivoli was spoken of but now it seems to have been lost to memory. There were stories of figures with special powers who could stop time and were able to hide from the world. Rumour has it that a few selected heroes were concealed in a very secret place when evil attempted to eradicate good. But that was so long ago that no one even tries to discover the truth..."

Like previous Mrs Mighetto collections this range is based upon a upon a magical tale filled with characters and moments that you are sure to fall in love with. Created by Malin and Anna this brand creates beautiful original watercolour paintings that are packed full of fantasy, history, mystery and colour.

Each beloved character has their own name and magical personality that inspires the beautiful watercolours that Anna and Malin create.

As with every range numbers are limited and once sold out, their gorgeous prints are gone forever, never coming back. So it is crucial that you jump in quick when you spy a print you like... You can shop the beautiful range over at The Gathered Store.