My Pet Stool

Just as a clingy cat is difficult to ignore on a cold and rainy afternoon, your toes will find it tough to avoid getting down with these outrageously cozy footstools from Hanna Ernsting...

Slumped one way, they can look like a rhinoceros drinking from a waterhole. But flopped another way and they are suddenly making sweet, sweet… sweet talk to your tooties.

The desire to relax at home, to cuddle up on the couch and put your feet up serves as a constant inspiration for the designs of Hanna Ernsting. With “Pets” she transforms the humble footstool into a delightfully cozy companion that is hard not to gush over.

Put your feet up, or plunge them into the soft material to warm them. Either way, you will be winning at life. Head over to Hanna's website to see more from this playful collection. You wont be disappointed.