The Nomad Travel Blanket

Childhood is about going on adventures with grubby knees and pockets full of treasures... Climbing trees and yelling "WOOOOOOO" at the top of your lungs so that the neighbourhood dogs join in... Its cosy cuddles after a long day of play with your favourite soft side kick tucked in beside you... At least that is what childhood should be about. And the beautiful Nomad Travel Blanket from EllieFunDay hopes to encourage just that...

It was EllieFunDay's desire to inspire children to wander and wonder at the world that saw the birth of the The Nomad Travel Blanket. "When I was a kid, we’d play for days. Summer nights climbing trees, catching bees and prowling our imaginary wonderland. But there’s not so much of that these days… kids are staring more at screens than searching out for new adventures. This is why we created The Nomad Travel Blanket."

Made with 100% washable organic cotton flannel this lovely blanket folds conveniently into an adorable pocket which doubles as a pillow. With a little loop for hooking onto a backpack, coat hook or stroller, it's the perfect side kick for the little adventurer. And each blanket is named after an explorer: Amelia the Bunny, Marco the Panda, and Lewis the Racoon.

And as if we didn't already have enough love for this beautiful brand... EllieFunDay is committed to empowering marginalized women. "We partner with a non-profit in India that works with victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. They empower the women to break the cycles of poverty through a fair wage and dignified employment. This is central to why we started EllieFunDay."

So get involved and support this beautiful brand by heading over to Indiegogo. And because EllieFunDay loves you as much as we do they are offering our lovely Little Gatherer followers a discounted price on their Nomad Travel Blankets! The first 20 to place an order will be be able to get their hands on one for only $62 (currently $78USD)! Click HERE to take up this special offer!