Ohoy by Fine Little Day

After a long day on the high seas we love creeping into a cozy cabin and dozing off to the sound of the deep sea lapping on the hull and the sails gentles tinkering in the breeze...

If you are as fond of the ocean as we are, or have household full of little pirate people, you will love this gorgeous bedding range called ‘Ohoy’ from Fine Little Day. Believe it or not, the cute boat pattern was drawn by an 8-year old called Otto Dunker. Impressive huh!

Fine Little Day is a happily inconsistent company and blog based in Gothenburg, Sweden. As well as being an amazing website they also make gorgeous products like these ones we've featured below. The products are created by their own design studio lead by Elisabeth Dunker and Ulrika E. Engberg. Their beautiful products range from textiles to prints and carry a beautiful Scandinavian vibe.

Head over to Fine Little Day website to explore more of the full range.