The Perfect Stool

Make your child's life complete with a handy stool to climb into the pantry and nick the chocolate bickies... we've tracked down a delightful array of stools to help them along on their mischievous adventures...

The Kid Stool One is a lovely traditional looking stool made from solid oak. It's simple design is versatile, transportable and exceptionally well made, which means it is up to the many challenges your tot is likely to throw at it!

The Alvo stool is a cute little geometric number available in white or robin's egg blue. Designed by Brian Beck for Urbancase, this quaint little stool is hand built using vintage German block planes and a simple bench lathe. And because it's made without the use of jigs or computerized cutting machines, each stool has it's own unique personality.

The Pippi Kids Stool was designed by Ragnheidur Osp Sigurdardottir and is more than most simple wooden stools, thanks to it's decorative legs and range of bright colours. This bright little stool will light up any kiddy corner.

The Smartie Stool is a versatile, durable and stylish seat also made from oak. It comes in a wide range of finishes and colours so you can pick one to match your child's room perfectly.

This bright and modern Milking Stool designed by Um Project, is a sleek and playful seat, available in a amazing range of great colours. We just love the canary yellow!

Also inspired by the traditional milking stool, the Spun Stool is hand crafted in steel and recycled australian hardwood. With it's solid little legs and soft edges, it is perfectly suited to little ones.

This great little Australian made Wooden Stool combines a crisp white top with a solid, polished timber base. This stool is super sleek and is designed to fit perfectly into a modern living space.

The unique Turn Stool has a playful design and adds a little fun to any room with colourful, powder coated, steel framed legs.

The Aero Kids Stool is not only fun and practical but also eco-friendly, crafted from the finest sustainably-grown timbers. This solid little stool will see your child through many a pantry raiding adventure.

02 Jun 2013