A Pixy Christmas Tale

Once upon a time there was a Pixy. This special little Pixy loves Christmas. So much so that he dedicates his entire life to it. Pixy has a very special role to play each night during the lead up to Christmas day...

Each night when the children are sleeping, he sneaks out of his cosy bed and pops a very special Christmas gift behind the door of his house. When the children stir in the morning, they open the door to receive a little gift. They can also see how many more days until Christmas, thanks to the Pixy updating the countdown each night with his big piece of chalk.

After he delivers the presents each night, Pixy can't wait to see the expression on the child’s face when she opens her present the next morning. So much so he can barely get back to sleep himself.

This very special Christmas Fairytale comes all the way from Denmark from a modern design brand called Maileg. Their collection is based on contemporary seasons focused on Christmas, Easter and they also offer a separate children's collection that runs all year round. For this range the gorgeous pixy is our pick of the bunch! But the whole range is worth a look at this festive season.

To find out more about this gorgeous brand and where you can buy your own Pixy Room, head over to the Maileg website now.