While living overseas, Melbourne mother Elise Heslop, was inspired by the creative use of small spaces in European homes. And one particular streamlined bunk bed caught her attention and started her thinking about the lack of children’s furniture options back home. And so came about the birth of Plyroom...

Accustomed to the typical heavy-grained yellow plywood from Australia, Elise was taken by the clean, light quality of the European birch ply used in the bunk. The absence of metal bolts, screws and nails also struck a chord as it promised for a simple and quick assembly.

A few years later Elise returned home to Australia and launched the eco-friendly company Plyroom, offering original, contemporary and sustainable children’s furniture designed and manufactured in Milan.

Inspired by Italian design principles and culture, where things in the home are looked upon with a generational permanence, every product in the Plyroom range is made to last using quality craftsmanship and sustainably harvested timber.

The all-natural materials, neutral colour palette and clean lines of the designs offer a modern and calming option for little bedrooms. While the highly functional and intelligent design of each bed not only encourages creative play but also means your child won't grow out of their bedroom any time soon.

All Plyroom furniture is finished with non-toxic materials meaning it is completely safe for licking, scratching, biting and lord knows what else they might be succumbed to during their long life of room-sharing with your little crazy.

Usable, simple and smart furniture with a modern Nordic style, we just love the entire range from Plywood. Check out the full range here.