Simple and snuggly

When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, there is no place we’d rather be than snuggled up inside a cosy room full of catsandboys. Don’t worry, it’s not as strange as it sounds – catsandboys is gorgeous bedding label for kids and just so happens to be our latest obsession...

Custom geometric shapes are hand printed onto premium quality white cotton fabric and the result is a classic and chic look for your little one’s room.

Patterns are intentionally left imperfect for organic look. There may be slight variations in the design which gives natural charm of hand printed fabric.

Every piece is handmade from white 100% cotton, which ensures long lasting durability with a soft, luxurious feel. Each piece also has a clever hidden zipper to avoid nasty scratches during the night.

If you’re thinking this is something you’d like for your own room, you are in luck. The range from catsandboys also includes bedding for big people too. Yippee.

Head over to the catsandboys website to browse the full range.


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