Sit upon a Circle

Step into the circle of trust and spill your secrets, doodling tips and Lego techniques. The humble circle is the most social of all the shapes so it is only fitting that a children’s play table should be round in nature...

‘Circle’ is a elegant and smartly designed table produced by Small Design, a Danish design company run by Eglantine Charrier and Anja Lykke. Their series of children’s furniture is fun, functional, colourful and geometric. Perfect for stimulating little minds and busy paintbrushes.

The Circle table is an absolute treat to look at, even when covered in crayons and crate paper. The seats pull apart and can be placed together in different geometric shapes for creative play. But the best part is, the table neatly stacks away when playtime is over.

All furniture from Small Design is manufactured by local Danish carpenters to ensure high production qualities are maintained. Each piece is very durable, easy to clean and can be delivered in various colours.

To see more from Small Design, head over to their website.

20 Jun 2015