A Splash of Colour

Step into a world of colour with this beautifully styled shoot from You Give Me Grace. With pops of pink, mustard and aqua blue leaping from the page the images look good enough to eat...

Self described as an Art Director, turned mum, turned sweat pants stylist, Lee created You Give Me Grace shortly after her daughter was born... "I needed a way to stay creative while being a stay at home mum. My style would be described as colourful and quirky. I love researching, drawing, making and of course shopping for beautiful products from around the globe and adding my flare to make the photos come to life."

Lee LOVES colour and that is one thing that is very evident in her beautiful images. "My muse for all my shoots is the colour scheme pink, yellow and blue. I just love how these three colours work together and when bright can be playful and exciting, or can have a totally different effect when in pastel form. I start any shoot by choosing that one product I just can't go without (this time it was Bowie) and I just keep adding to that and slowly but surely the shoot evolves."

Teaming up with the amazing Jo Kim Photography behind the lens was a match made in heaven... "She brings a skill behind the camera that is well beyond mine." And with a love of photographing pretty things, delicious food, and humans, especially brand new humans, they found they had a lot in common. Jo lives with her husband and her own two little humans. She loves all things organic and natural, music, the beach, and once accidentally flashed her garbage man.

Well we are head over heels in love. We officially want to climb into every picture and join this picnic of colour! Find all of the product links at the bottom of the post. x

STYLING: You Give Me Grace
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jo Kim Photography

Bowie Doll from The Gathered Store.
Flamingo Quilted Blanket from Sack Me.
Illustoria Magazine from illustoria.
Pom Pom Blankets and Pillows from Kip & Co.
Plates from Colette Bream.
Biscuits from Crumb.
Imaginary Fred Book from The Gathered Store.
Chelsea T-Bar Shoes from Hubble & Duke.
Felt Ball Rug from Milk Tooth.
Diamond Print from lyndyhants.
Bunny Once A Year Baby Book from The Gathered Store.
Lucky Boy Sunday Doll from Lucky Boy Sunday.
Pastel Dress from baobab.
Colourful Dress from Talking Red.
Spotted Ozzie Bunny from The Gathered Store.
Colourful Prints from Better Together Paper.
Grimms Wooden Rainbow Toy from Milk Tooth.
Colourful Parrot Print from Pete Cromer.