Striking and Streamlined

Furniture that is sturdy, fun and practical for children that fits nicely within a design conscious home is hard to come by. But that is just what you get from Australian furniture designers Perludi...

Modular, clean lines and boasting a perfect balance of colour with neutrals, we think the Perludi team have smashed it with their innovative and environmentally friendly designs.

It is also really refreshing to know that actual children have played a vital role in the design process - their ideas, needs and wishes were all taken into consideration when forming the design brief.

Founders Thomas and Natalie have three children, whose wishes and suggestions always inspire new product ideas: "My children are my biggest motivation and inspiration and, at the same time, they are my biggest critics." Says Thomas.

From beds and desks to rockers and chairs, explore the full range of gorgeous children’s furniture from Perludi here.