A Trip Down Memory Lane

There’s nothing worse than taking a trip down memory lane only to be disappointed... the gigantic suddenly seems tiny, the cool now seems so normal. But one nostalgic trip that does not disappoint is the new winter range from La De Dah Kids...

The collection brings to life again the joys of a childhood spent with a special toy: “We are off to a time when our toys really were Superheros and we made friends with Dragons and had talking Horses” says the team.

Crocheted superheros, unicorns and tigers just like nana made. They are just so darn cute you’ll never want to take your eyes off them.

La De Dah Kids was born out of a need for affordable, on-trend, quality kids’ toys . But they aren’t just about the toys, they offer amazing homewares too. Vintage mix-ups and gorgeous metallics combine with new floor rug designs that won't disappoint.

There’s a lot to love and plenty of nursery ideas on offer, so head over to the La De Dah Kids website to see more of the full range.