Mum & Dad Factory

This range of children’s furniture from Mum & Dad Factory is so beautiful it is sure to leave even the likes of Goldilocks and the Three Bears green with envy...

Apart from having an awesome brand name, Mum & Dad Factory, is a French company that celebrates the coming together of simplicity, uniqueness, and practicality.

Catering to the needs of children and adults alike, the first creation from Mum & Dad Factory was the Mini Bed, a nonstandard crib, compact and adapted to the growing nature of toddlers.

They then designed the Junior Bed, which promotes the autonomy of the child and is distinguished by its height and lack of barrier. Meanwhile their other popular creation, The Bench, was also gaining traction because it can serve as a multiple purpose bench for mingling adults or a workstation for crafting children.

Mum & Dad Factory was founded in 2012 by architect graduate Theo Clotilde, and Interior Designer graduate, Laetitia Olsak. Together, they made the bold gamble to offer parents an alternative to traditional furniture for children. And aren’t we thankful they did!

01 Mar 2015

Creative Showcase - Laikonik

When we discovered the gorgeous Laikonik, a small design and textile silk screen studio based in Sydney, we fell in love with the beautiful designs and in particular, their adorable 'Once a year' book. Inspired by Polish folklore and Scandinavian design, the handmade textiles have a unique, tactile beauty with a focus on sustainability...

We asked the lovely Josephine a few questions about Laikonik...
What is the idea behind your brand and how did it start?
To put it simply - thoughtful, sustainable design. Laikonik is all about exploring creativity and getting back to traditional methods of creating products with purpose. We are artisans, passionate about hand crafted, original, Australian products in a world of mass produced, commercial and disposable goods. We're serious about sustainability and quality, and believe inspiration should always come before commercialism. So, our products are made using materials as close to their original earth source as possible, they are made in the least complicated way and they carry our beautiful designs which inspire the user and bring art into the everyday tasks. Simplicity, quality and longevity.

Kasia Jaquot founded Laikonik in 2005, mainly selling the Once a Year books and prints at markets. I came on board in 2011, and initially worked on refining the products and production methods. I took over in 2012 and Kasia went on to pursue teaching and embroidery. This was always the intention and she just wanted to make sure her "baby" Laikonik went into the right hands. And here we are today!

At the moment we're working on some collaborations with some very talented Australian creatives - the most recent collaborative project we released with Laura Blythman has received a great response so we're looking forward to doing more to partner with out fellow Aussie designers and makers!

What is your background?
Im originally from the West coast of Tasmania, but traveled all over Australia with my family. I studied a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Print making and Graphic Design at the University of Tasmania Centre for Fine Art, then went on to work in graphic design for 20 plus years living and working in San Francisco, NZ and all over Australia.

What do you love most about creating for Laikonik?
I love an organic approach to design and tactile products. Im usually driven by the fabric - my obsession with all things linen is no big secret - and a focus on utilitarian design. The utilitarian focus comes from being a busy working Mother of two boys, I think.

What inspires you?
Clever, beautiful design. Design with purpose and with environmental impact in mind.

You work a lot with paper cutouts, what does this add to your work?
This is more Kasia Jacquot's style, which I love. It gives every thing we do a hand made quality. My style is representative of traditional printmaking methods - lithography, etching, etc. You can see this within the textural elements of our Boris print, for example.

Your products are created in an environmentally friendly way, why is this so important?
I have always gravitated towards natural fabrics and products, working with beautiful, sustainable materials has been a big part of the foundation for Laikonik. I am always looking for the definitive texture, weave, or colour. Sustainable products and design are so important as it is really up to us and the next generations to take better care of our planet. That means making considered choices, but it doesn't mean missing out on beautiful, desirable products either. If we're mindful, we can do both.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Sydney?
Supporting other Australian designers and makers is important to us. I love Kido Store, Clovelly and Tree House Kids, who support Australian designers. As well as a new little boutique store in our local Bondi, Shop U - they also support Australian designers and makers like us!

If Laikonik were to create the ultimate milkshake what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
Blue berries are a favourite and the antioxidants definitely help, juggling children and a full time job.

23 Feb 2015

Donna Wilson SS15

Every product in the new Donna Wilson SS15 collection is an object of absolute desire. With cushions, tumblers, toys, kitchenware and socks, there is something for everyone, including yourself!

First up in the collection are the gorgeous Cotton Mini Cushions with their friendly Lion and Tiger motifs. Digitally printed and made in the UK, they are perfect for little heads to rest on.

Then they have a selection of gorgeous kitchenware products, which are a brand new addition to the DW repertoire. Featuring so many fresh and friendly faces, you will never feel lonely again when eating your breakfast or whipping up a batch of cookies.

Carlos Beaver and Lulu Lemur are the latest dudes to Donna’s ever-growing family of eccentric and lovable knitted creatures (with which founded her company back in 2003!). Carlos is secretly a graffiti artist and loves cheeseburgers. Lulu is very energetic and loves throwing water balloons.

All in all, the SS15 collection is an absolute winner. Head over to the Donna Wilson website to see the whole kit-and-kaboodle including the new range of funstatic hobby horses and playful cotton socks. You will love, love, love them.

17 Feb 2015
donna wilson
neon jungle

This Bedding is giving us Goosebumps!

We are in love with the vibrant and fun bedding range from Goosebumps. Turn your little one's room into a tropical jungle filled with bright stripes and roaring lions with this stunning collection that will bring even the dullest abode to life...

Goosebumps was launched in 2014 by Inga Rodd. A self confessed colour nut, Inga indulges her passion for all things colour and expresses that through her vibrant and unique bedding designs.

It’s all about breaking the rules, mixing and switching pieces to create the perfect little room for your little monkey’s.

Goosebumps loves bold colour, prints, the wonder years and anything that sparks your fondest childhood memories.

Head over to their website to check out this fun range.

17 Feb 2015
neon jungle

Graphic Tribe

It’s an oldy but a goodie, and given we are all about the Neon Jungle right now, we couldn’t resist sharing this gorgeous collection from Anatology...

Like a true flourishing jungle, ‘Graphic Tribe’ is brimming with African masks, giraffe and Maasaï necklaces. It features some absolutely stunning prints, which have been carefully crafted onto children’s sleeping bags, cushions, duvet covers, hooded bath towels and bibs.

Always graphic and completely colourful, Anatology’s prints are developed exclusively each season, meaning there is always something fresh to introduce to your little one’s very own jungle.

The collection is made in France from soft natural materials, which are specifically selected for their comfort. So they pretty much feel as good as they look. Head over to the Anatology website to find out more about this gorgeous brand.

14 Feb 2015
neon jungle

Party Time Pillows

It's always party time when you have one of these rad little Gogo's Chop Shop pillows on your bed. Featuring artist Chi He's original illustrations they have created a range of colourful, bold and fun products that are sure to add an explosion of WOW to any space.

13 Feb 2015
neon jungle

My Pet Stool

Just as a clingy cat is difficult to ignore on a cold and rainy afternoon, your toes will find it tough to avoid getting down with these outrageously cozy footstools from Hanna Ernsting...

Slumped one way, they can look like a rhinoceros drinking from a waterhole. But flopped another way and they are suddenly making sweet, sweet… sweet talk to your tooties.

The desire to relax at home, to cuddle up on the couch and put your feet up serves as a constant inspiration for the designs of Hanna Ernsting. With “Pets” she transforms the humble footstool into a delightfully cozy companion that is hard not to gush over.

Put your feet up, or plunge them into the soft material to warm them. Either way, you will be winning at life. Head over to Hanna's website to see more from this playful collection. You wont be disappointed.

09 Feb 2015
neon jungle

Neon Jungle Fever

The latest range from Made By Mosey has us given us a case of the sweats. A prickly jungle fever leaving us wanting more and more...

A long time in the making, with plenty of teasers leaked on Instagram along the way, the new collection is a “mix of decorative fabric products in strong punchy brights and bold black and white contrast.

Cushions, garlands, diamonds and blankets all united by a common geometric aesthetic” according to it’s genius maker Madeleine Sargent.

Made By Mosey is an Australian brand focusing on unique pieces for the nursery and home, all created with love and care by Madeleine.

The new range zings and zangs, pops and pows. We are loving the bright colours and the sharp edges that are oh so soft to touch.

Being entirely hand-made, no two pieces are identical, meaning you are sure to be buying something uniquely special for your uniquely special little person.

The full range is available to purchase from the Made By Mosey website. Scoot over and check it out now.

09 Feb 2015
neon jungle

Mr Thunderbolt

Fighting baddies and being as fast-as-lightning is very tiresome work, so even super heroes need a little shuteye every now and then. And when they do slow down and rest their weary heads, they love to snuggle up in a rad duvet from Frankie & Frenchie...

We love the simple and monochromatic graphics that feature throughout the Frankie & Frenchie range. Clean and understated, the designs will easily compliment any bedroom décor.

But if you want to make more of an impact, simply team with a statement print like a super hero himself, Mr Thunderbolt. Boom!

Minnie and Dee are the girls behind Frankie & Frenchie. They believe that inspiration begins with a space that is filled with the things they love. With that, their first range reflects the love for their children and their playful personalities.

The entire range of duvet sets and cushion covers is available to purchase from the Frankie & Frenchie website.

06 Feb 2015

A Cracking good Sleep

Dream a little sweeter with this gorgeous range of children’s bedding from Alphabet Monkey...

We are loving the current range, particularly how gender neutral it is – perfect for sharing between siblings. The prints are also fun and youthful, with just enough spark to tickle little imaginations.

Alphabet Monkey is a baby and boys bedlinen and lifestyle brand started in 2010. They create modern quilts and bedding sets using on-trend colour combinations that give a contemporary twist to our old patchwork favourites.

All of the fabrics are screen printed by hand in Indonesia using environmentally friendly natural Japanese seaweed gels.

The products are made in very small runs. So while they may cost slightly more than your typical mass-produced duvet, you can be sure you are getting something superior in terms of quality and originality.

Head over to Alphabet Monkey to see more for this gorgeous brand.

04 Feb 2015