Cuddle a cloud

These adorable Cloud and Raindrop Cushions are handmade in France by a little company called . Embroidered completely by hand the care and craftsmanship in these very special creations is second to none...

Perfect for the nursery, there is something quite calming and serene about coupling two sleeping clouds together.

Founded in May 2010, offers accessory creations for decoration, illustrations and a range of stationery in a minimalist and poetic style.

Head over to their website to see more of their charming range.

03 Feb 2015

A Trip Down Memory Lane

There’s nothing worse than taking a trip down memory lane only to be disappointed... the gigantic suddenly seems tiny, the cool now seems so normal. But one nostalgic trip that does not disappoint is the new winter range from La De Dah Kids...

The collection brings to life again the joys of a childhood spent with a special toy: “We are off to a time when our toys really were Superheros and we made friends with Dragons and had talking Horses” says the team.

Crocheted superheros, unicorns and tigers just like nana made. They are just so darn cute you’ll never want to take your eyes off them.

La De Dah Kids was born out of a need for affordable, on-trend, quality kids’ toys . But they aren’t just about the toys, they offer amazing homewares too. Vintage mix-ups and gorgeous metallics combine with new floor rug designs that won't disappoint.

There’s a lot to love and plenty of nursery ideas on offer, so head over to the La De Dah Kids website to see more of the full range.

01 Feb 2015

Cuddle Clouds

Where there is thunder there is lightening, and where there is lightening there is always a fluffy thundercloud to be found. And when it comes to clouds, they don’t come much cuter than these little fellows...

The Giant Cloud Cushions from Noodoll will add a some fun to any little bedroom. Made from super-soft fabric, they also make pretty good snuggle buddies.

Noodoll is a fun, bold, design-led brand out of London who design and produce toys, stationery and accessories.

Head over to their website to discover more quirky finds.

31 Jan 2015

In bed with Talo Interiors

One of our favourite online kids stores, Talo Interiors, have distinguished themselves again with their very own range of children’s bedding. Lovingly made with 100% linen, the new collection was designed in collaboration with talented Melbourne based artist Pip Compton.

Featuring a fruity bunch of patterns and prints, the pieces are sure to become a much-loved centrepiece in your little one’s room. The range is available for perusing and purchasing on the Talo Interiors website. Check it out!

15 Jan 2015

A Pixy Christmas Tale

Once upon a time there was a Pixy. This special little Pixy loves Christmas. So much so that he dedicates his entire life to it. Pixy has a very special role to play each night during the lead up to Christmas day...

Each night when the children are sleeping, he sneaks out of his cosy bed and pops a very special Christmas gift behind the door of his house. When the children stir in the morning, they open the door to receive a little gift. They can also see how many more days until Christmas, thanks to the Pixy updating the countdown each night with his big piece of chalk.

After he delivers the presents each night, Pixy can't wait to see the expression on the child’s face when she opens her present the next morning. So much so he can barely get back to sleep himself.

This very special Christmas Fairytale comes all the way from Denmark from a modern design brand called Maileg. Their collection is based on contemporary seasons focused on Christmas, Easter and they also offer a separate children's collection that runs all year round. For this range the gorgeous pixy is our pick of the bunch! But the whole range is worth a look at this festive season.

To find out more about this gorgeous brand and where you can buy your own Pixy Room, head over to the Maileg website now.

22 Dec 2014

The GGGGreat Gift Guide

1. Banana Split Boy Print from Laura Blythman. 2. Illustrate the Story Book from Supereditions. 3. Neon Ocean Shwings. 4. Small Green Time Teller Watch from Nixon. 5. Wooden Camera from Fanny & Alexander. 6. Transparent Green Bantam Skateboard from Globe. 7. Little Roar Head from Flatout Frankie. 8. Lucky Pillowcase from LUCKYBOYSUNDAY. 9. Mixed Animals from Huzi Design. 10. Beach Sounds Radio from Sunnylife. 11. Green Cubebot from Areaware. 12. Give the gift of happiness with a beautiful e-card from Cotton On Kids Foundation. 13. Craftsmanship Cars from Huzi Design. 14. Leopard Trainers from Milk On The Rocks. 15. Dot Felt Ball Slingshot from Des Enfantillages. 16. Sidney Snail from Donna Wilson. 17. Biobu Kidset from Ekobo.

21 Dec 2014
gift guide

Tilly Season

We have some good and some bad news. The good news is we’ve found some of the cutest bounty we have ever seen! This gorgeous Tilly purse and cushion come to us from the wonderful Roxy Marj...

The bad news is Roxy Marj is taking a break from her Etsy store so you cant buy up for Christmas. Sorry to tease you, but they were just too cute not to share. Keep an eye on Roxy’s store for when she returns. We are counting down the days...

20 Dec 2014

Sugar Free Christmas Calendar

We love the idea of an advent calendar, but absolutely dread the not-so-fun sugar-meltdowns that come with them. If that rings true for you, then we have found the most wonderful solution...

IN THE WOODS is a playful Christmas calendar, turning this time of sugary expectation into an imaginative story during the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

All you do is fill each of the 24 small pockets with a little gift. We love the idea of each treasure linking to the previous, all building to share one big festive story for your little ones to follow.

And the best bit is... as each pocket is turned inside out a new character appears that can be added to your landscape.

IN THE WOODS is a collaboration between FABELAB and furniture designer Lærke Rune from lr kids. Read more about the wonderful partnership here.

16 Dec 2014
advent calendars

A Night with Carousel & Bazaar

We can't think of anything better than to cozy up with when nightfall creeps in than a set of these gorgeous cushions from new Australian homewares company Carousel & Bazaar. The daring monochromatic prints are sure to bring a little Parisian chic and Scandanavian cool to your little ones room... that’s if you decide to part with them from your own bedroom of course!

14 Dec 2014