Creative Showcase - Karter&Stark

Gorgeous new Australian bedding brand Karter&Stark is a 100% organic hemp-rich linen range that will truly change the way you sleep. This luxe collection is a chemical free, hypoallergenic alternative to the current bedding on the market and the soft colour palette provides a calming and relaxing place to sleep...

Karter&Stark prides itself in being an untainted, ethically sound collection of ultra-soft Australian-made bed linen made in 100% organic, sustainably produced hemp. It is chemical free, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial creating a sleeping environment that gives your body’s vital defence systems the chance to recuperate overnight.

Cool and breathable in summer, yet insulating in winter, hemp’s multiple health benefits promote langorous sleep year round. For those suffering respiratory and skin sensitivities triggered by chemical or environmental allergies, Karter&Stark will be a game-changer.

We asked creator Marissa Almaan a few questions about Karter&Stark...
What inspired you to start Karter&Stark?
Karter&Stark was really born out of necessity. My daughter Lulu was getting no sleep due to various health conditions and I really just wanted to relieve some of the stress that her body was going through by creating a sleeping environment that helped her recuperate during the night.

What have you enjoyed most about creating your own brand?
Developing the fabric that we use for the Deluxe 100% Hemp range was pretty fulfilling. Getting the weight and the weave just right and the end result being so beautiful was a big accomplishment (and relief).

The time spent on researching Hemp was also pretty amazing. Not only did it lead me to creating an amazing product but opened up other doors for leading a less toxic life, which can only be a good thing!

What sets Karter&Stark apart from other bedding brands on the market?
Hands down the health benefits. The use of Hemp has truly changed our lives for the better. Lulu has not used her Ventolin inhaler for over 18 months, which I just think is amazing!

Everything is so patterned and bright at the moment with other ranges. I think the bedtime routine should be a time of calm and not stimulation. The minimalism of the colour palette allows repose and relaxation.

Where are your favourite places to go in Sydney with kids?
We love Sydney for all the beautiful outdoor things you can do so its hard to choose favourites! We love the beach and everything it entails… swimming, surfing and sandcastles. Enjoying pot luck dinners with friends or spending the day ferry hopping to Cockatoo Island or Manly is always a winner.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I would have loved to be a singer. Unfortunately self-confidence and my total fear of getting on stage stopped me from following that dream. Something I regret to this day. Quote of the day: Never let fear stop you from doing something you love.

If you were to create your dream cupcake, what flavour would it be?
Oh yum I love cake! Everything I bake I adapt to have NO refined sugar, it has to be healthy and yummy! My favorite cake at the moment is Ginger and fig. Im not really a fan of icing or colouring (sorry that’s not much fun is it) but if I had to choose it would probably be a tangy citrus cream cheese concoction!

Head over to the website to read more about this innovative new product.

09 Dec 2014
creative showcase

Gift Guide - For the Mini

1. ABC Poster from Anny Who. 2. Singing Whale Poster from Wilson & Frenchy. 3. Let It Snow White Cloud Mobile from Needle & I. 4. Sleepy Bear Pillow Pip from Petit Pippin. 5. Cloud Wall Hanging from Twentyone Fifteen.6. Pale Mint Suede Moccasins from Hubble + Duke. 7. Very cute Sheep Push-along from Bajo. 8. Forest Jumble Wooden Puzzle from Petit Collage. 9. Heart Shaped Wooden Teether from Little Sapling Toys. 10. Grey Shark Sleeping Bags from Baby Bites. 11. Soft Reversible Illusion Blanket from Kate & Kate. 12. Noir Mushroom Lamp from Egmont Toys.

08 Dec 2014
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Creative Showcase - Colette Bream

The world of Colette Bream is one of wonder and magic. A world filled with grinning cherries and happy apples, cosy houses and sweet knitted wings. Somehow Colette has the ability to capture what was so magical about being a child and knit it into a soft little side kick...

Inspired by the birth of her daughter Skye and a desire to rid her room of anything that wasn't natural, Colette set about creating in our opinion one of the most beautiful ranges of knitted goods on offer. "I was looking for something beautiful in its simplicity and innocence, and I wanted to accentuate that with colorful accessories. With that in mind, and with a nostalgic nod to my own childhood (perhaps in an attempt to bring old, faded memories back to life), Colette Bream was born."

Based in the U.S., Colette now spends her days creating her stunning collection of soft toys and homewares. From raindrops to party hats decked out in pom poms, there is something to make everyone smile.

Join as we find out more about Colette's wonderful world...
What inspired you to start your own brand?
My Daughter, Skye. My Grandmother taught me how to sew and knit when I was very young. She planted the seed and nourished the love for handmade in me that persists to this day. It intensified when my Daughter was born and I started making little toys and accessories for her room.

What started as a creative outlet grew into a full time business as I started selling some of those creations in an online marketplace. I am very grateful that I get to do what I love for living.

What do you love most about creating your beautiful toys and homewares?
My favourite part is the process of creating them myself – being directly involved in taking yarn and interlooping it to create fabric, to watch new objects being created from just a “long piece of string”.

Due to the handmade nature of our products, each character is slightly different - I really enjoy watching their little personalities come to life. The most rewarding part though is seeing the finished products in the customer’s nurseries and playrooms.

You work a lot in knit, what do you like about working in this medium?
Knit fabrics - depending on the yarn one uses, the knitting method and finishing technique - provide a vast variety of different textures. Not to mention, they are super soft, warm and cozy.

What was your most exciting adventure you had as a kid?
I grew up in the city, but my parents made sure that almost every weekend and entire summers were spent outdoors.

We used to have a little wooden cabin in the forest and it was a series of little adventures that took place while spending my time there: foraging for mushrooms and wild strawberries, getting caught in the storm in the middle of the woods (hours away from any shelter), playing hide-and-seek among hay stacks, late night campfires and games of dares… the list goes on and on.

Little things like that seem a lot bigger when you are a child. Children’s perception of things (surroundings and time) is so different from adults. Their time slows down. Our children “stick” their nose to the window when going on a trip, while we can’t stop planning ahead. They have the ability to look up at the clouds and see a bear or a dog, while we question if it is going to rain and whether or not we should grab an umbrella.

I strive to recreate those moments from my childhood where I would get lost in the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof, or stare into a wood grain looking for patterns and faces – little things like that were exciting to me.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A librarian.

If you were to bake the ultimate cake, what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
Strawberry pomegranate cheesecake with white chocolate mousse.

07 Dec 2014
creative showcase

Sweet Dreams with Ndoto

Gorgeous bedding brand Ndoto combines original hand drawn patterns on soft colours creating a relaxed and modern feel. The refreshingly clean designs are the perfect compliment to any child's room...

Self confessed 'dreamer' Michal Tidhar spent years working in the marketing industry before taking time out to be a mum. During this time she made the bold decision to start her own business creating unique textile designs for babies, toddlers and youth.

Based in Israel, Ndoto (which means dreams in Swahili), creates excellent quality, high end bedding that is all made in Israel.

You can get your hands on some of this gorgeous bedding over on their website.

04 Dec 2014

Sweet Dreams

Peel back the covers, slip inside this chocolatey bed set from Bed Toppings and let the sweet dreams roll your way. The team from Bed Toppings aim to make the wonderful world of sleep as fun as possible...

See more of their zany designs here.

29 Nov 2014

Lucky Boy Sunday Winter 14

The Winter 14 campaign shoot for Lucky Boy Sunday makes us want to cozy-up and head off to bed early. The team at Lucky Boy Sunday never fail to impress with a new collection and this time is no different, especially with a new range of quirky homewares on show...

The baby alpaca knit cushions, toys and blankies look almost as soft and cuddly as they do cool. But we think cool takes the cake. Especially when we are talking about those gorgeous knitted print cushions. Oh man!

We can't decide on what we want most. But the rad pink hairdo on the little dude is fairly high on our list.

Blue Sunday is the name of the new collection and it is available now from the Lucky Boy Sunday website.

26 Nov 2014
lucky boy sunday

Green Cathedral

Dipped in colour Green Cathedral Bespoke Furniture is a collection of beautiful, well crafted designs that bring a fresh twist in an array of fun and playful designs...

After seeing a furniture restoration class when he was 10 years old, Tim Scarce, the founder of Green Cathedral was inspired to make furniture himself. After continuing with his passion for furniture as a hobby for many years, he went on to work exclusively for Interior Design Houses. Then in 2009 in his back yard shed... Green Cathedral was born.

In 2011 Tim was joined in the business by Sally, and after seeing some of Tim's own concepts, Sally encouraged him to develop his personal style and the business just grew from there. Green Cathedral now offers a clever range of furniture options including one of our favourites the Archie Bed. Made out of American oak the Archie Bed is the perfect statement piece for any bedroom and wait for it... It glows in the dark! It also comes in a standard size so us bigger folk can join in the fun.

The iconic Green Cathedral Babanees stool, with the fun pops of colour are also a great addition to any home. One of the first pieces Tim created, the Babanees stool has now grown to a whole range including a bench, table, floor lamp, bookshelf, pegboard, and the very popular Mini Babanees range.

In 2012 the Muku range was introduced and was followed in 2014 by the Archie range including Australia’s first Glow-in-the-dark children’s bed. We don't know about you but we are absolutely smitten with the whole range and would happily fill our home with with all these goodies.

You can see more of Green Cathedral designs over on their website.

25 Nov 2014

Creative Showcase - Sack Me

We are yet to meet a child (or adult!) that wouldn't be ecstatic to go to bed on a plush scoop of ice cream under a scattering of sprinkles every night. Whether it's bedding covered in pasta or vegetable bandits we have a feeling that you are going to love the amazing offering from Australian bedding brand Sack Me! as much as we do...

Le-Ann Scott created Sack Me! bedding in August 2013. When it was time for her twin boys to move into big-boy-beds she went on a hunt for the perfect bedding with a balance of quirky and eclectic, yet classic designs on quality linen. And when her quest came to a dead end, Sack Me was born.

We are secretly thankful that Li-Ann can’t sing or sew. If she could, we would have lost her to a dazzling career as a Broadway performer or a fashion designer. Don’t get us wrong, that would have been great, but it means we would never have been introduced to the wonderfully delicious Sack Me! bedding.

We caught up with Li-Ann to find out more about what inspires her creative and fun bedding range for children...
What inspired you to start Sack Me!?
The idea for Sack Me! came about in 2013 when I failed to find bedding for my boys which was a mix fun, classic and quirky, that wasn’t either gender specific (rockets, trains, cars for boys) or just patterns – as beautiful as they are, I felt it lacked a sense of adventure for kids.

I saw an opportunity to create a unisex range that was truly unique - a twist on familiar objects (in this instance, food) that can really get the kids excited and went for it! Ultimately we want bedtime to be fun - a platform for creative little minds to explore and express by telling their own stories from the designs.

What do you love most about designing homewares for children?
I love that my world is a child’s play right now and I hope that never changes. There is so much wonder, hope and possibility in a child's mind that I get to explore and extract, and translate into my designs. I get to take the children on an adventure with my work, and that gives me immense joy and satisfaction. It's a huge bonus when that rubs off onto the 'young-at-heart' too!

What inspires your designs?
Travel, fashion, conversations and definitely my children. I’m certainly not governed by trends… I love to zig when everyone zags!

Where are your favourtie places to go in Melbourne with kids?
Because the weather is so awesome most times of the year (hah!) we love our indoor visits to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and also to Heide Museum of Modern Art. There are often a variety of kids activities and programmes which my children enjoy participating in. When the sun comes out to play, we take our bikes for a ride around St. Kilda’s foreshore. For a quick escape, we love spending time in Sorrento.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I secretly wanted to be a performer on Broadway, dancing was a big part of my life growing up. Pity I can’t even sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ in tune. Somewhere in that mix, I considered a career in fashion but I hated to sew… so that didn’t work out either! I’m so blessed to be living my dream right now - being able to express my creativity, and to share it with everyone.

If Sack Me! were to make the ultimate candy bar, what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
Oh it would have to be nutty, and there must be salted caramel in the mix! Maybe this image would help...

24 Nov 2014
creative showcase

A Little Drop of Cute

Let it in rain, let it pour. If the heavens open up with a downpour of these cute decorations, we would not complain one bit. These darling Raindrop Garlands from Saharamac are sure to capture your heart and set little imaginations a flutter...

Featuring various tones in an array of rainbow colours, each garland is hand made with felt and a whole lot of love. Draped above a window or over the end of a bed, these little wonders will bring some serious cool to any room.

Each garland spans approximately 1.2m in length and comes packaged in a gorgeous reusable glass jar with a yellow glitter lid. What a perfect gift for a little friend. Available for purchase here.

11 Nov 2014

Little Spaces - Amélie and Esmée's Rooms

Take two wonderful girls, one wonderful mum, one wonderful dad and a bit of old fashion creativity and DIY... the outcome is two lovely rooms for two lucky little ladies. These gorgeous spaces belong to Amélie and Esmée, two sisters who love to spend their days playing games with their loving family...

When creating their rooms their mum Marissa wanted to create a space where the girls could relax and reflect on the day before bed. Touches of colour scatter the white walls alongside memories and reminders of the love that surrounds them.

We asked their lovely mum Marissa about her inspiration when putting the spaces together...
How would you describe Amélie?
Amélie is such a wonderful girl. She is very sensitive and has a big heart. She wants everybody to be happy around her. From the day her sister was born she was in love. Really. Her sister means the world to her.

How would you describe Esmée?
My bébé… Esmée - Oh where shall I start. We call her our wonder girl... I couldn’t believe that I could love someone as much as I love my Amélie. To me, she was the meaning of love and life. But when Esmée was born. I knew it right away: love doesn’t divide. It multiplies.

Two months ago she fought for her life due to a bacterial infection. We were in the hospital for four weeks. We were so worried. We were so in pain. We had so many doubts. But that little girl showed us she wanted to live. She was so strong. And she came back. Stronger then ever. I was with her from the day she was born. Never a day apart. And that is so special. When I look in her eyes I just know she will do great things in life. She already did. She is such a warm hearted child. That’s why we call her “wonder girl”.

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up their rooms?
First thing was painting Amélies room white. She had so many pretty things but due to the color of her walls, soft pink with lilac, it missed its effect. All girls' momma's know that a 2-3 year old girl wants pink. If they could choose they would paint their ceiling, floor and walls pink! Luckily for us she was thrilled to sleep in her "new" old white room. I think she likes it because it's decorated with some of her favourite pink items. Then when I found out I was pregnant of another baby girl I knew exactly how her room would look like. Black, White and very sweet with a delicate pop of pink.

The girls don't really play in their room. It is a "bedroom" but most of all a place where they can relax before bedtime. We overlook the day and talk and laugh and read stories. It is so much nicer to do that in a lovely decor.

What are your favourite things in girl's rooms?
My favourite items are the same in both rooms. A sweet lady whom i met on instagram painted my girls... So delicate, so pure. I know that those paintings will always have a special place in their rooms.

They also both have postcards which i hung up with washi tape. It is a selection of the almost hundred cards we received when my bébé was in the hospital... The most wonderful words were written on those cards. We even received a four-leaf-clover. So special.

Where did you collect the pieces for their rooms?
I collected the pieces through the years. My favourite brands are Ferm Living, Donna Wilson, Fine Little day, L'atelier de Juliette, OMM design, Mono Mini, Luckyboysunday, Studio Escargot and many more. The old cribs and chairs are thrifted. There still are a lot of treasures in thrift stores. My Amélie loves the old crib for her dolls.

Where is your favourite place to go in Belgium with children?
We love staying at home. Watching TV, stay in our pj’s the whole day in front of the stove or just playing a memory game. One of our favourite things to do is visiting new small villages in the country but also new cities… As long as we’re together as a family of four.

Some of Marissa's favourite designers on instagram:
Print "Somebunny loves you" and "Wild Thing": Mono Mini.
Black and white dolls: studio escargot.
Prints pirum parum and tree blanket "Fine little day": Pearls and Swines.
Luckyboysunday dolls and my fav clothes shop for the girls: Scandinavian Minimall.
Sweetest blankets and cushions: Julie Pauwels.
Dreamcatcher and cuddle in retro crib: Bisou de Lou.
Print Stars and little postcards: eef lillemor.
Birthday crown and bowtie mint: Suussies.

All images are courtesy of Marissa aka the wonderful @_mesfillesmavie__.

08 Nov 2014
kids rooms