It’s Raining Cute

It will be raining cute in your little one’s bedroom if you hang one of these adorable felt mobiles proudly from the ceiling. Whether you fancy your head up in the clouds or want those raindrops to keep falling on your head, the team from Needle & I have you covered.

Needle & I is a soft furnishings design company based in Auckland, New Zealand, who make a gorgeous range of children’s mobiles, garlands, flags and cushions. Each piece is designed (and handmade) to bring energy, colour and freshness to the bedroom. And don’t they do just that!

The philosophy behind the Needle & I range is “less is more… it’s not about buying something new every week, but investing where you are able in well-made, considered goods which spark children’s imaginations and will last a long time”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

See more from their darling range over on Needle & I and we also stock a beautiful range of Needle & products over at The Gathered Store.

06 Nov 2014

Drop it

We are completely hooked on these gorgeous raindrop hangers from Normann of Copenhagen. With such a strong visual expression and exquisite wooden finish, these little works of art offer so much more than a place to hang your coat. Available to purchase here.

04 Nov 2014

We Love Lundia

The modern and multifaceted furniture from Finnish design company, Lundia, makes it very easy to create a space for your little one that they won’t want to leave...

Each piece made by this talented crew of craftsmen is designed to stand the test of time, which offers great contrast to today’s throwaway culture.

Native Finnish wood and other quality raw materials are combined with contemporary design to become modern friends of your household. Functional enough to store your children’s toys, nick-nacks and trinkety treasures, yet beautiful enough to warrant you wanting to host your own tea parties in your child’s room.

There are various lines that comprise this innovative brand. Firstly there is Lundia Classic - easy to assemble, dismantle, complement and adapt. So much so that even parts bought 50 years ago are still compatible with today’s Lundia Classic products. Talk about classic!

Then there is Lundia Fuuga, which offers a more modern and charismatic range. Pick and choose minimalistic modules to create a unique look for your living room, bedroom, nursery or hallway.

Finally, you can sleep tight in a glorious bed from the Lundia Lofty selection. These freshly minimalist yet robust beds are easily transformed into bunks or smart dreamy loft with cute study nook.

We have big love for Lundia Oy. You can find out more and shop the range for yourself over on their website.

02 Nov 2014

Halloween with @chloeuberkid

It is always any excuse for an event in our house (and any excuse to buy more things!), so we've been getting ready for our halloween party through the whole of October with lots of little details around the house and of course lots of halloween themed toys and books to get the kids excited... Chloe aka chloeuberkid...

Products: Wooden toys form Abacus Kids, Hat by Young Double (a collaboration between Naked Lunge at Abacus Kids), dress Beau Loves at Monkey Mccoy, wallpaper by Ashley Goldberg at Jimmy Cricket, Green Mob pillowcase by Sack Me, flags and cushions from This Modern Life.

Follow Chloe and her lovely family over on her website and Instagram. You can also read more about her here.

01 Nov 2014

Ghost Duvet

Do you remember Casper the friendly ghost? Well this little spook is twice as friendly and far more cuddly. The Dream-In-Ghost from Fabelab is a beautiful organic duvet cover that can turn into a classic sheet-ghost...

Simply crawl into the duvet cover and put your arms through the side holes and OOoooOOOooo - you will be scaring your family friends to death (from cuteness) this Halloween.

This spiritual sleeping blanky is part of the Dream In series from Fabelab, a wonderful Scandinavian company renowned for innovating fun and imaginative products with more possibilities than one. Other fun variations include the Dream-In-Wings folding duvet, which transforms into a gorgeous set of butterfly wings. It is too cute and you can check it out here.

21 Oct 2014
dress ups

Kip & Co X Adairs

We have long been fanatics of the colourful bedding masters Kip & Co, so we were naturally over the moon when we heard about their exciting new collaboration with the Adairs’ lifestyle brand Home Republic...

The popping new partnership comprises five fully reversible bedding sets, which are as usual packed full of punch. A complete retrospective of Kip & Co's signature style and prints, the new bed sets are reenergized with classic hues and bold colour pops.

Speaking on their new partnership, the Kip & Co girls said “This has been such an amazing opportunity to work with one of Australia’s bedding institutions, Adairs.

We’ve really embraced this and have created a classic, limited edition Kip & Co range full of colour, life and movement that will invigorate bedrooms around Australia.”

We must say it is so refreshing to see a big retailer like Adairs actively working in partnership with smaller Australian designers. It’s the way things should be done!

Keep your eyes peeled, the range will be available from early October exclusively at Adairs and Urban Home Republic stores nationwide and online at

17 Oct 2014
kip & co

Dream In Wings

Just like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, we are in awe of this organic duvet set from Fabelab that can turn into a beautiful set of butterfly-like wings...

The Dream-In-Wings duvet set is part of the Dream-In-Collection from Fabelab, which features a range of organic baby bedding sets that can turn into costumes. Genius!

We love a product that has multiple uses, and in particular anything that encourages imaginative play. And let’s face it, children don’t need more than a piece of cloth and their crazy little minds to turn into something else.

The idea for the product came from the insight that children love to dress up and role play from around two years. It is also around this time that they change from a cot to a big bed, hence the need for new bedding.

With velcro and elastic it is super simple for children to create new and surprising costumes from their snuggly own duvet cover. But it’s not just about fun and games, the gorgeous graphical prints make them a delightful piece of bedroom décor too.

To learn more or purchase, head over to the Fabelab website.

12 Oct 2014
bugs & butterflies
dress ups

Hung On Colour

How sweet are these pastel tipped coat hangers from Bella Buttercup. The perfect place to hang that tutu or display a special dress, these gorgeous hangers make the inside of your little one's closet look as good as the outside...

Available in a range of pastel colours for both boys and girls, these sweet little 'Hung on colour' hangers would also make the perfect gift.

You can get your hands on a set here.

05 Oct 2014

Pastel Slumbers

Get cosy with this perfect pastel bedding from French brand La Redoute...

We absolutely adore the subtlety of the diluted colours in these gorgeous designs.

When coupled with white furniture and minimalistic walls, these duvet covers create a sleek, contemporary and simple look for young and old.

And of course if you like things a little brighter, the bedding also works wonders with pops of more vibrant tones.

The full range is available to purchase from the La Redoute website.

30 Sep 2014


FLEXA where have you been all of our lives? An innovative Scandinavian company, FLEXA specialises in the design and manufacturing of homewares for children. It’s basically a big delightful furniture store filled with clean, simple and well-designed pieces just for children...

All of their products are designed to create a safe and stimulating environment for kids and each change and transform with your children as they grow.

The colours and materials engaged are simple and classic, making the designs timeless and long-lasting in our fast moving world.

With over 140 specialist stores in Europe, Asia, North Africa and Hawaii, I guess you could say they are a bit like IKEA, but just for wee little people.

Check them out for yourself here.

28 Sep 2014