Spring into Summer with Forty Winks

Spring into Summer in style with the Forty Winks' Kids Bedroom Collection. Combining craftsmanship, quality and comfort, the new range is made up of the perfect pieces make your little ones room pop...

With detailed finishes throughout the collection, such as upholstered and timber frame combinations, playful kids designs, and discreet storage solutions, this range has something for everyone.

There are four staple designs to create inspiring sleep spaces for your little dreamers... The 'Emery' single over single bunk set that is sure to tick all the boxes on your child's wish list... The standout 'Jasper' with its solid pine feet and fully upholstered classic design is sure to add a playful sense of maturity to any space...

The 'Noah' with its high bed head and foot end has the perfect amount of drama while at the same time creating clean lines, making this a great canvas to personalise your little ones space... And last but not least the "Florence", available in crisp white with curved lines and classic details, this sleigh style bed comes with a convenient book shelf nestled at the bed’s foot... I think we are in love!

Now available at participating Forty Winks stores nationally.

08 Sep 2016
kids rooms

Into the Daisies with David Jones

There is nothing better than setting up a new nursery from scratch. Having a completely blank canvas to create a wonderful world for a special little person. Oh the possibilities! So it was our absolute pleasure to collaborate with David Jones and Concrete and Honey (photography & styling) to create a range of different nursery looks using products from their Baby and Nursery Summer 16’ range...

The extensive collection is full to the brim with quality brands spanning chairs, change tables, cots, bedding, décor, fashion and more, making mixing and matching to suit your style a synch. In each of our looks we’ve drawn from some of our favourite children’s brands including Country Road, Sheridan Baby, Pure Baby, Stokke, Leander and Huxbaby to name a few.

When we pulled together this first look, we definitely had a little girl in mind. Featuring the absolutely divine Stokke Sleepi Bed front and center, this look is all about feminine curves, pastel hues and daisies and bunny rabbits for days. We love it because it strikes a serious cute chord without being over the top girly.

To shop this look head over to the newly launched David Jones baby and nursery website today. Then make sure you stay tuned for our next two nursery looks featuring all new brands and products.

1. Stokke Sleepi Bed $1,299 RRP
2. Stokke Care Changer $1,049 RRP
3. Britt Small Teddy $43
4. Sheridan ‘Beasley’ Printed Teddy Bear RRP: $34.95
5. Book 1 My Wonderful Nursery Rhyme Collection $19.99
6. Book 2 A B See $14.99
7. Purebaby Chinoiserie dress, RRP $69.95
8. Purebaby Jade cardigan, RRP $64.95
9. Purebaby Oriental jumpsuit, RRP $59.95

**OFFER** Purchase the Stokke Sleepi Cot & Care Changer in one transaction valued at $2348 and receive a bonus+ $300 David Jones Gift Card.
Offer ends Saturday 10 September, 2016.

Thanks to Nicola from Concrete and Honey for the beautiful styling and photography.

31 Aug 2016
kids rooms

The Amazing Tale Of Mama Maya

Every two minutes one woman dies of complications related to pregnancy of childbirth, with 99% of these deaths occurring in developing countries. Mama Maya founder, Robyn Jones, has a beautiful story…she supports women. With every Baby Blanket purchased, Mama Maya funds clean birthing kits and caregiver training via a partnership with the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) to ensure that at least one other mama can access a cleaner and safer birth...

‘The purity of birth and a new baby represents so much opportunity to do something to make the world a better place.’ - Robyn Jones

When Robyn was giving birth to Hugo, the umbilical cord was looped around his neck. It’s really quite common, and her OB and midwife worked to get him out as quickly as possible and give him oxygen. Not long after, she heard about the work of the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) – providing clean birthing kits to women in remote areas of the world. 350,000 babies are born every day; in Australia, 6 in 100,000 people die each year in pregnancy or childbirth, but in a country like Uganda, it’s 1 in 16.

‘I wanted to do something to increase awareness of these statistics, and also contribute to reducing the rate of mother and baby morbidity and mortality. I’ve always wanted to have my own business, and after a 15-year career in media and advertising, I launched Mama Maya. By taking something that every parent of babies owns multiples of – a simple muslin wrap – I built a one-for-one model around it, with a focus on stylish, timeless design, sustainability and philanthropy.’ Through a partnership with the BKFA, Robyn funds birthing kits and caregiver training to local organisations in over 20 countries – and can guarantee that for every purchase at least one woman will have access to a safer birth.

For every Mama Maya wrap purchased, the Birthing Kit Foundation Australian (BKFA) provides a safe birth for a mother in a developing country. Birthing Kits contain six items – a plastic sheet, gauze, gloves, soap, a sterile scalpel blade, and some string to tie off the umbilical cord. The items in this kit are so basic, but they are essential in enabling a mother to deliver her baby in a safer, cleaner environment, significantly reducing the chances of infection. I’ve even been told of women bringing their kits to birthing clinics, because the facilities are so basic and unsanitary!

BKFA Birthing Kits are assembled by volunteers in Australia, and distributed to over 30 organisations in around 20 countries. They are then given to women living in remote areas with limited or no access to birthing support. BKFA also fund local community programs to train birth attendants and community health workers, empowering women through education.

What is better than buying a great quality product for your little one while at the same time helping others to be delivered safely around the world? Show your support for this great cause by visiting the Mama Maya website.

27 Aug 2016
mama maya

Little Connoisseur

Nothing beats a cosy corner to while away the hours with a good book... a big cuddly cushion to sink into at the end of a long day... that perfect possie for an afternoon snooze... Well we have just hit the cushion jackpot with the gorgeous range from Australian brand Little Connoisseur...

Made with love in Melbourne, Australia, all the products from Little Connoisseur are finished to perfection. "We strive to find the perfect design combination of sophisticated and sweet, playful yet practical, so that big and little people alike will adore our products."

Their beautiful floor cushions come in range of sizes and are crafted using only the finest materials including upholstery grade fabrics and leathers but they have been designed to be loved - sticky fingers and all...

Each cushion also has a signature exposed zip and comes with a genuine leather, shaped adornment which can be personalised with your child's name! They are also filled with a hypoallergenic, washable cushion insert made from recycled PET fibres which makes for happy mums and bubs.

Head over to the Little Connoisseur website to fall in love with a cushion of your very own. The hard part will be deciding which one to get!

Additional image credits:
- Tarina Lyell from oh.eight.oh.nine (@oh.eigh.oh.nine)
- Kerryann Carrol (@kerryann_stylist).

02 Aug 2016

We Might Be Tiny

Dinner time has never looked so cute thanks to these adorable placements from We Might Be Tiny. Slip them under even the shakiest of spoons and you will save your prized table top from mountains of mush and other squishy remnants from dinner time...

Available in a range of shapes and colours, the entire range is made with silicone making them incredibly non-slip, durable and dinner-dual ready. We've even got one for our cuddly pooch!

We Might Be Tiny placemats are available for sale now over on The Gathered Store .

29 Jun 2016

The Nomad Travel Blanket

Childhood is about going on adventures with grubby knees and pockets full of treasures... Climbing trees and yelling "WOOOOOOO" at the top of your lungs so that the neighbourhood dogs join in... Its cosy cuddles after a long day of play with your favourite soft side kick tucked in beside you... At least that is what childhood should be about. And the beautiful Nomad Travel Blanket from EllieFunDay hopes to encourage just that...

It was EllieFunDay's desire to inspire children to wander and wonder at the world that saw the birth of the The Nomad Travel Blanket. "When I was a kid, we’d play for days. Summer nights climbing trees, catching bees and prowling our imaginary wonderland. But there’s not so much of that these days… kids are staring more at screens than searching out for new adventures. This is why we created The Nomad Travel Blanket."

Made with 100% washable organic cotton flannel this lovely blanket folds conveniently into an adorable pocket which doubles as a pillow. With a little loop for hooking onto a backpack, coat hook or stroller, it's the perfect side kick for the little adventurer. And each blanket is named after an explorer: Amelia the Bunny, Marco the Panda, and Lewis the Racoon.

And as if we didn't already have enough love for this beautiful brand... EllieFunDay is committed to empowering marginalized women. "We partner with a non-profit in India that works with victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking. They empower the women to break the cycles of poverty through a fair wage and dignified employment. This is central to why we started EllieFunDay."

So get involved and support this beautiful brand by heading over to Indiegogo. And because EllieFunDay loves you as much as we do they are offering our lovely Little Gatherer followers a discounted price on their Nomad Travel Blankets! The first 20 to place an order will be be able to get their hands on one for only $62 (currently $78USD)! Click HERE to take up this special offer!

25 May 2016

Sleeping on a Cloud

We have fallen hard for the Baby Björn Travel Cot Light. Not only is it beautifully designed it is also beyond easy to use! Compact and light it makes travelling with baby a dream...

With breathable mesh sides and an extra soft mattress that easily secures to the base this cot is not only safe but also incredibly comfortable. On our last trip away I almost climbed in myself...

But our absolute favourite thing about the Baby Björn Travel Cot Light is how easy it is to use. You can pop it up in a matter of minutes and then it packs down into a light and compact bag that makes it so easy to travel with.

Get your own at The Pharmacy. The hard choice will be picking your favourite colour...

23 May 2016

Lapin & Me

We adore these exclusive Baby Lapin Lamps from Lapin and Me. The lamps are made in the heart of Germany based off a vintage 1940's toy found in a New York Flea Market...

Each is hand painted and finished, making every lamp uniquely its own. The perfect way to brighten up your easter.

25 Mar 2016
lapin & me

Say hello to KidWild...

Get ready to fall in love with KidWild, a beautiful Scandinavian-style brand developed for design-savvy parents. Born out of a desire for a world where kids can live pure, wild and free, Kidwild creates products that are not only free from harmful toxins, dyes and pesticides, but are also beautiful to look at and add fun to any space...

KidWild's range is made up of bedding and accessories that will fill your children's spaces with style and fun. "Our minimalistic, Scandinavian-inspired products in on-trend colors and sustainable fabrics are aimed to integrate seamlessly in today’s modern home, so you can create a one-of-a-kind space that is not only safe, but as unique as your little one’s personality."

The playful prints and pastel tones are perfect for igniting the imagination while at the same time keeping the space calm and serene. The pillows and bedding are all available in multiple prints allowing you to pick and choose what will best suit your little ones personality.

"A child’s mood, personality and interests are constantly developing, and you should be free to spontaneously adjust your child's room according to a change in inclination, emotion or season. Our modern prints and bold colours are designed to be mixed and matched, so you can build your own look, and create multiple moods."

And as if those aren't enough reasons to fall in love with this beautiful brand, the fact that it is all 100% organic should seal the deal. KidWild is committed to respecting the planet and all those who share it, which is why all of their products are made from eco-friendly & organic materials with no harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides.

To see more from this lovely brand and to shop the new range head over to their website.

21 Mar 2016


Created by sister due, Renee and Natalie, Toucan offers a range of bold and bright homewares, prints, bedding and decor. Their latest range of bedding reflects their shared love of vibrant and colourful spaces and would turn any room into a fun and engaging space...

The sisters founded Toucan after renovating their home and realising that beautiful and quality home décor, sourced locally, was difficult to come by - particularly for children.

Toucan is 100% Australian owned and designed. Prints are designed and printed in Australia and all other products and artistry are sourced ethically with quality and longevity in mind.

You can be sure that your Toucan products will bring colour and joy to your home for years to come.

We recommend checking out their full range over on their website.

18 Feb 2016