On a Journey with Fabelab

The wonderful team from FABELAB are taking us all on a journey to awesomeness with their brand new collection. We can't think of a better way to kick start the year than reviewing this gorgeous, fun and innovating range from the amazing Scandinavian brand...

The collection has been inspired by the humble journey and has us wanting to pack our bags and escape for another break already.

“We have been inspired by little dreamers, curious adventurers and cute pirates on their journey and we have created a universe of organic textiles to cuddle, sleep and get comfortable with” explains the brand.

The characters playfully take the shape of bibs and lunch bags, a purse and cushions, soft travel friends to accompany your little ones on their journey to discover the world. Let’s go!

The marvellous characters can also be spotted in the beautifully embroidered “storytelling blankets” which encourage little ones to follow the thread and unravel their own magical story.

Like all FABELAB creations, innovation is at the forefront of these designs. The colourful bedding sets can fold into a bag and allow your little one bring their own bedtime story along and feel safe when sleeping over at a pal’s house.

FABELAB is designed by Michaela W-B, an Austrian architect living in Copenhagen, who embraces Scandinavian design, taking inspiration from people’s stories, cultures and her background as an architect and stage designer. We love the simplicity of their geometric shapes and how the bring playtime to the most basic of products.

We are lucky enough to stock a few of our favourite FABELAB products ourselves over on the Gathered Store – check them out here.

08 Feb 2016

La De Dah Kids

The ever amazing La De Dah Kids is always full of surprises and their new collection is no exception. As well as a gorgeous new range of bedding, La De Dah Kids has also launched a new range of metal wear as well as a collection of handmade woven baskets. They have everything you need to deck out your little ones room.

The gorgeous new 'Boundless' bedding range really is something special. Filled with classic pieces that will remain timeless whilst perfectly complimenting the other fun touches in your little ones room.

Their new Metal wear has everything from small to large seating, side tables and fun wall art. There are boundless opportunities to create your own unique space with the many beautifully designed pieces.

Their hand-woven basket range not only looks great but also keeps in line with their ethical production methods, made by women from the comfort of their homes.

We highly recommend taking a look at all the wonderful new pieces from La De Dah Kids, we are sure you'll find something you like.

30 Jan 2016
la de dah kids

Babee & Me

A fawn and a fox fast asleep on your bedroom floor, life doesn’t get any cuter. We are smitten as a kitten for these gorgeous play mats from Babee & Me and cant wait to craft the afternoon away with a cute little critter curled up under our toes...

Each play mat is hand printed from an original hand drawn design from Alphabet & Animals. Screen printed onto a soft organic hemp cotton measuring 95-100cm in diameter, these mats are extra durable to handle the craziest of playmates.

All Babee & Me products are designed in a sub-tropical countryside studio in Byron Bay, Australia. They are beautiful, well made and ready to be injected into your little one’s bedroom. Check out the range here.

06 Dec 2015

8 Foot Walls

Life is too short to be boxed in by boring white walls. Banish the beige, the cream, the eggshell and say sayonara to the ivory, the vanilla and the sea foam. There is no shade of white that can compare to a stary wide sky or an idyllic island paradise and that is why we have fallen head over heels for these beautiful custom wallpapers and prints from 8 Foot Walls...

8 Foot Walls offer a variety of scenes, textures and patterns, which transport you to a different time, space and mood. We think they are absolutely dreamy and such a great idea for children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

With a little hand from his partner Dee Tang of Kawaiian Lion and their trusty little Assistant Kawa, this family is making the world a more beautiful place one wall at a time.

Creator Desmond Sweeney is an avid surfer and Northern Beaches (Sydney) native, who has combined his love for oceanography, old school sign writing and airbrushing into creating dreamy artwork, wallpaper & quirky prints. It’s an odd combination but boy does it work!

All of the designs are available to purchase from the 8 Foot Walls website and they also do commission work if you have something special in mind.

23 Oct 2015
art and design

Create a Space with Mocka

The best place to begin when deciding how to decorate your little one's room is their bed. Once you've chosen a great statement bed, the rest will start to fall into place. And you need not look further than Mocka to find it...

Online furniture store Mocka not only has a great selection of cots and beds to choose from, but an array of other fun homewares to add to your home.

You really can't go past a metal bed frame, it perfectly compliments the soft furnishings around it and you can pick a colour that will suit the room and make it pop.

Like a great bedroom, a playroom is an equally fun thing to decorate. Throw in a teepee to give them the perfect little hideout and you can't go wrong with a rocking horse!

To check out their full range of homewares and furnishings, head over to the Mocka website.

16 Oct 2015

Hunting For George

After a fresh, bright look as we head into the warmer months? Look no further than the gorgeous new summer collection 'Outsiders' from Hunting For George...

This light drenched range features bright emerald greens, rich cornflower blues and neon pinks. Designed to complement their pure cotton sateen bed linen this collection welcomes a selection of 100% cotton blankets into the range.

“It became pretty obvious when designing this range that the hero was going to be colour. So we developed a subtle design layout to support this. Our structured grids add a beautiful dynamic to each blanket whilst also remaining uncomplicated and peaceful – everything that a home should be.” Lucy Glade-Wright, Hunting for George co-founder.

To check out the full collection head over to their website.

12 Oct 2015
hunting for george


Tissue boxes are notoriously drab, yet we all know how much of a necessity they are when you have children around. Let us bless your ‘Bless You’ with these cuuuuuute tissue boxes from Atissu. With these fun designs, you will be proud to have yours on display in every room.

11 Oct 2015
art and design

Bramwell Designs

Sweet dreams are made of these and one thing is for certain, we’d never want to get out of bed if we were wrapped up in a playful cocoon that looked as cool as these snuggly numbers from Bramwell Designs...

Bramwell Designs create organic bedding sets for little people. And if you haven’t noticed already, they are utterly awesome.

The team at Bramwell are always looking on the bright side of life. They draw inspiration from the happy faces of children and nothing warms their cockles more then when they see a little one sleeping soundly in a magical bedroom garnished with their beautiful designs.

Everything in the collection is hand designed and created in Bramwell’s studio on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Using only the softest 100% certified organic white cotton, every thing is super soft for little hands and cheeks too.

The designs in their collection are strictly limited so head over to the Bramwell Design website and shop the full range.

08 Oct 2015

Creme Anglaise

One way to create a charming galaxy inside your little one’s world is through the addition of some gorgeous star-spangled furniture from the adorable French brand
Cream Anglaise...

Anything but the dark, cold and lonely feelings the idea of space exploration can often conjure up, this furniture allows you to bring the Milky Way inside in a very warm and homely way. With cute star and moon motifs worked into the bed frames and drawers, your little one will drift off into sweet dreams with no trouble at all.

Speaking about dreams, Cream Anglaise was established in 2008 when owner Emilie was waiting for the arrival of her little boy Mael. A few years later, Emilie now spends her days in the South of France with her furniture maker husband creating a beautiful range of children’s cushions, mobiles, musical boxes and wooden furniture for the world to enjoy. Now that is a dream we would never want to wake up from.

01 Oct 2015

Up in the Clouds

We believe children's rooms should be places to escape into, heavenly hideaways where magic happens and dreams come true. This beautiful wallpaper is the outcome of a stunning collaboration between Mrs Mighetto and Jimmy Cricket, and it is exactly what dreams are made of...

Earlier this year Amanda from Jimmy Cricket approached Malin and Anna from Mrs Mighetto asking if they would be interested in a wallpaper collaboration. "I just loved their prints so I was so excited when they agreed to collaborate on a design! I suggested swans and waited eagerly to see what was dreamt up. The first pattern design was sent through and I just gasped!! This was beyond anything that I could have asked for. I knew then and there that this design was something extraordinary and unlike anything I had ever seen before!"

Both Malin and Anna were equally excited when Amanda approached them, so stars aligned and magic was created! "I truly believe this design is on the next level where it resonates with adults and children alike."

Included with each roll of wallpaper is Mrs Mighetto's beautiful story behind this gorgeous design... "Nestled high up in the clouds is a hidden world you probably never even knew existed. Powder pink kites dance through the warm air, enchanted tunnels with continually changing architecture, rainbows spontaneously appearing to create lavish light shows. Unicorns with golden wings gallop unbridled between cloud and sky, and a fountain which scatters lime green scented flower buds. You'll find friends who can turn clouds into candy floss and fish who can sing as sweetly as the nightingale's song. What else do you think might be found up there in the clouds? Once upon a time, high up in the sky, there was a world in which everything was possible. Just like in real life. Everything is possible."

This stunning wallpaper will be released through Jimmy Cricket and Norsu Interiors on the 28th of September 9am AEST and stay tuned for more international stockists... Exciting!

Styling by Hong Henwood.
Photography by Andrea Galkova.

24 Sep 2015
art and design