Wig Stools

Peculiar, poppy and perfectly primed for plonking on, we love these fun wig-shaped stools from Tania da Cruz...

PLAYMOBILIA is a fun series of three stools whose creation was inspired from the funny wigs used in the tiny Playmobil toy figurines. We love them as stools, and would even consider rocking them as hairdos...

Made with bold colours and sharp, clean lines these stools carry such a beautiful design aesthetic. They are highly original and are hard not to fall in love with.

02 Jul 2015

A Seat so Sweet

The only frustrating thing about these delectable looking homewares is that you can't actually eat them! This very cool range of bean bags from Woouf! will add a splash of fun to any space...

Woouf is a Spanish brand established in 2008 in Barcelona. After 10 years working in the fashion industry, Pablo Martinez and Alice Penaud decided to apply their knowledge to interior design to create an unique and original brand, Woouf!

They started designing an unconventional collection of bean bags inspired by urban culture, music, art and every day objects.

This has grown through the years with other product categories, always designed for young and imaginative people.

If it's fun you want, we highly recommend checking out their full range over on their website.

30 Jun 2015

We all scream for Ice Cream

There's no party like a pastel party and the gorgeous new range from Baby Björn looks good enough to eat...

Available in Australia from The Pharmacy, the bright pastel colours in this fun Ice Cream Collection are inspired by fun-filled summer days and the delicious coolness of ice creams on a hot day.

Their much loved BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft and their BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One come in four summery flavours both big and small ice cream lovers will find irresistible.

This limited edition collection will be available in selected stores from late July 2015 and is available in Pear, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blue and Mint.

29 Jun 2015

Little Nest

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock… We might actually stop right there as the lyrics of that nursery rhyme takes a pretty dark turn after this point (what gives?). But one cradle we’d like to rock to sleep to in, with absolutely no fear of falling, is the delectable Little Nest Felt Cradle from O-bjekt Designs...

Handcrafted by master hatter László Girardi, the Little Nest Cradle is made from of one single piece of gorgeous Merino wool felt, which hugs snuggly around your bub as they rest. The cradle is suspended with geometric excellence. One single point of suspension (via some dashing leather straps) means your baby will calmly sway in a manner very similar to what they experienced in the womb.

Inspired by those frustrating nights of restless sleep, the team from O-bjekt Designs are striving to create the most natural conditions for sleeping. We haven’t tested this marvellous creation, however we have high hopes that it works as good as it looks.

Visit the O-bjekt Designs website for more information.

26 Jun 2015

Sit upon a Circle

Step into the circle of trust and spill your secrets, doodling tips and Lego techniques. The humble circle is the most social of all the shapes so it is only fitting that a children’s play table should be round in nature...

‘Circle’ is a elegant and smartly designed table produced by Small Design, a Danish design company run by Eglantine Charrier and Anja Lykke. Their series of children’s furniture is fun, functional, colourful and geometric. Perfect for stimulating little minds and busy paintbrushes.

The Circle table is an absolute treat to look at, even when covered in crayons and crate paper. The seats pull apart and can be placed together in different geometric shapes for creative play. But the best part is, the table neatly stacks away when playtime is over.

All furniture from Small Design is manufactured by local Danish carpenters to ensure high production qualities are maintained. Each piece is very durable, easy to clean and can be delivered in various colours.

To see more from Small Design, head over to their website.

20 Jun 2015

Place De Bleu

The wonderful wares of Place De Bleu have marched right into our lives and tickled the cockles of hearts. Heartmade and hand finished in Copenhagen, the cute interior design company produces an absolutely gorgeous range of bedding, soft furnishings and kitchen décor...

Using a mix of beautiful colours, shapes, forms and materials the designs are timeless and very adaptable. No matter what room they are in, one thing is for certain, they will visually arrest the eye and leave a lasting impression.

The time and craftwomanship invested in each item creates a strong sense of quality and authenticity. Place De Bleu also smartly collaborates with Danish manufacturer Kvadrat to use their surplus textile production in an effort to reduce the impact on the environment.

We love the full range and have included a selection of our favourite finds above. Head over to the Place De Bleu website to browse the full store for yourself.

14 Jun 2015

Chevron Palace

It’s a chevron palace fit for the most royal of sweet peas. Step inside the gorgeous homeware kingdom created by Langdon Ltd and you might never want to leave...

With stripes going this way and stripes going that way, our eye is lost in a magical wonderland that has us wanting to redecorate every room in our house.

The Langdon Ltd homeware line has sass, style and certainly stands out from the crowd. Brimming with tribal prints, rustic textures and gorgeous colour combinations like black, gold, naturals, pastels and gold, the range is not for the fainthearted.

There is nothing subtle about the designs, all unique creations from the duo behind Langdon LTD, sisters Phoebe and Delia. Each design begins as an original piece of artwork on paper, then is digitally created and printed onto fabric. The use of digital printing means that the intricate designs pop from the fabric with an almost third dimensional effect.

With bright and colourful floral prints or edgy and eye-capturing geometric prints, Langdon LTD’s designs are bold and beautiful and will be adored by anyone who steps inside your home.

12 Jun 2015

The Gathered Store

One of our favourite parts of running Little Gatherer is searching for and discovering inspiring, beautiful and unique products from all corners of the globe. Late last year we thought it would make sense to assemble some of our favourite treasures into our own little online store… The Gathered Store...

Recently we paid a visit to the super talented Nicola from Concrete and Honey to shoot some of our new stock. With a passion for all things beautiful, we knew Nicola would bring something magical to the shoot.

Pastel pom pom'd pillows, beautiful dream catchers and wooden Gum Ball Machines make up the new collection pulled together from some of our favourite brands.

We have also stocked up on some of our best sellers in new colours and designs. Whether you are after an Ice Block Mobile that is good enough to eat! Or a lovely Spotted Ozzie in a pair of pastel pants, we have everything to make your heart go boom.

And if you are a fan of the incredible David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust.... Then you can give your child (or yourself...) the gift of awesome with their very own Lelelerele Bowie Doll!

All products featured here are available to shop now in The Gathered Store.

10 Jun 2015

Into the Wild with Plyroom

As we trek off into the wilderness this week on Little Gatherer, it is important that we stop and smell the roses every so often. And when we say stop, we really mean lie down, snuggle up and let our heavy eyelids hike on yonder to Snoozeville. After two week’s of ‘being at one with nature’, we can’t think of a better place to rest our weary heads than in a beautiful bed from Plyroom...

Plyroom is a highly functional, versatile and sustainable furniture range founded by the very clever Elise Heslop from Melbourne. Inspired by a year spent living in northern Italy (you had us at hello), the beautiful aesthetic of the brand is driven by an inspiring design ethos of taking pleasure from the simple things:

‘The idea was to take hardly anything with us and live more simply…the idea for sustainably made, multipurpose furniture for small spaces came shortly after.’ explains Elise.

The Plyroom range includes beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories for living, dining, working and children’s bedroom and play spaces. Each piece is designed with simplicity, functionality and beauty in mind. The long, clean lines combined with the absolutely smooth-to-touch quality finish of the gorgeous blond plywood is a match made in heaven.

But it’s not only about the looks, we always hold form and function dear to our hearts here at Little Gatherer too…and that is precisely why we love Plyroom so much.

Plyroom’s products are made from responsibly forested materials and are ingeniously designed to convert and adapt as your babe turns into a big kid. The Ava Cot + Junior Bed + Desk (featured) is exactly what it’s name suggest, a clever convertible design that allows you to get years of use and enjoyment out of the one product. Smart!

“Plywood is my favourite material, I love that it has a light visual footprint but is surprisingly strong” says Elise. It is this strength of material, beautiful finishing and timeless design that allows each piece to live on as a beautiful piece of furniture in your home for years to come.

We love the full range from Plyroom and think you will too. Head over to their website to check out more gorgeous pieces - from change stations, shelves and drawers to bunk beds, coffee tables and storage seats there is something to help you live a little bit smarter in every room of your own home.

31 May 2015

Sleep under the stars

Nothing beats sleeping under the stars next to your pals, tightly snuggled up in a cozy sleeping bag. Falling asleep on the trampoline whilst counting the shooting stars has to be one of our all time favourite childhood memories. Pure bliss...

What is far less memorable from our own childhood is our sleeping bags - plain colours, sticky zips, lumpy padding. Nowhere near as rad as these beauties from New Zealand brand, Undercover.

Undercover's sleeping bags offer the perfect solution to 'glamping for little people'.

With super cool prints and beautiful colours, these stylish sleep bags are perfect for sleepovers at friends, aunties, the grandparents, or joined up as one huge ocean of blanket in the lounge room whilst the parents wine and dine in the front room.

The collection includes a range of colourways, and each bag is machine washable and comes with a secret compartment for a pillow.

The bags are suitable for children two years and up and are available to purchase on the Undercover website.

29 May 2015