Gifts From The Wild

We are always on the look out for great gift ideas for all the lovely little people in our lives. So we have pulled together a wilderness inspired range of our favourite goodies...
1. Leopold poster from Jaell und Tofta. 2. Magpie feather garland from Mosey. 3. Owl mask from Down To The Woods. 4. Foxy mug from My Messy Room. 5. Wall hooks from Jaell und Tofta. 6. Ashiato thongs from Kukkia. 7. Green toadstool lamp from Heico. 8. Blackboard shield from Down To The Woods. 9. 'Choose Your Own Adventure' print from Blacklist. 10. Major peace out pillow from Kawaiian Lion. 11. Black wire basket from Down To The Woods. 12. Log cushion from Donna Wilson. 13. Oak leaf tree from Donna Wilson. 14. Bed set from Fine Little Day. 15. Kuruma car from Kukkia. 16. Stool from Jaell und Tofta.

28 May 2015
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Hunting For George

Hunting For George is an independent lifestyle brand brought to you by an eclectic bunch of Melbourne folk. Inspired by life and everything in-between...

Ever since we discovered this gem of brand, we have been swept up in a tidal wave of euphoria. Browsing beautiful bedding, interiors and accessories has never been so time consuming and tempting until now.

Hunting For George started back in 2010. It began with two clever cookies, Lucy and Jo, and a handful of brands. They soon branched into creating their own products, starting with the stunning ‘Oh the places you’ll go print’, which to this day is still one of the brand’s best sellers.

The success of the print gave the duo the confidence to expand their collection into handmade clocks, bed linen, textile accessories and Australian made furniture. The good news is, their range not only covers homeware products but also products for men, women and the home in general.

We are smitten with Hunting For George and think you will love it too. Head over to their website to check out their full range for yourself.

23 May 2015

The Fawn Collection by Oeuf

From your sweet little newborn sleeping snuggly in their bassinet, to your trinket-collecting toddler in their pimped out crib, the new Fawn Collection from Oeuf has you covered.

With a clever 2-in-1 convertible design, this little beauty will last for years to come. Meaning you can avoid the stress, waste, time and money of having to buy and sell furniture every time you light the candles and sing hip-hooray happy birthday.

With long lines and a chic minimalistic look, the Fawn Crib and Bassinet is a beautiful addition to any nursery. The thoughtfully designed
 set begins as a charming bassinet (with plenty of room for storage below), then easily converts to 
a stylish crib. There is even a toddler bed conversion kit available (sold separately) to make your dollar go even further when you little one turns into a big one.

Made in Latvia out of durable Baltic birch plywood the design boasts a modern sophistication that design-minded parents love. The Oeuf matching Fawn dresser completes the nursery set.

Available mid May 2015 from the Oeuf website and selected retailers.

21 May 2015
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House of Rym

Let your imagination run wild just for a moment and you will picture yourself enjoying afternoon tea with a family of creatures in the woods. With jams, tarts and plenty of tea, everything is served up with these beautiful homewares created by House Of Rym...

House Of Rym was built on several love affairs. Between contemporary design and ancient handcraft. Between Sweden and Tunisia. Between beautiful aesthetics and sustainable materials. And now we feel like we are entwined in this darling relationship ourselves. We are in love.

Founders Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef share a passion for their own Tunisian heritage. But also a belief that design-lovers from all corners of every continent deserve to enjoy a modern take on traditional products: “Because when you love something there is nothing better than sharing it with others” explains the design duo.

To strike this delicate balance and their beautiful vision into reality, Rym and Zied work with talented Swedish designers Anna Backlund, Elisabeth Dunker, Cecilia Pettersson, Emma von Brömssen and KarinStrömberg. The result of this thrilling collaboration is House Of Rym – the place where contemporary Scandinavian design and ancient Tunisian handcrafts fall head over heels in love.

Head over to the House Of Rym website to explore and shop the full range for yourself.

18 May 2015

Up in the Clouds with @chloeuberkid

I like nothing more than having a bit of a room change around, and this season we are loving clouds... inside that is and not the grey ones England keeps having! Chloe x

Product list:
Cloud plate, tumbler, egg cups and rain toy by Abacus Kids.
Clothes rack, bead hanger and WILD blocks by Peachy Baby.
Clothes by Hugo Loves Tiki, Miniwilla and Noé & Zoë.
Garcon bag from Milk and Bots.
Cloud garland by Velveteen babies.
Car by Candy Lab Toys.
Astronauts by Leggy Buddy Upollo Crew.
Cushions by Into The Fold.
Bedding by Frankie & Frenchie.
Cloud in basket by Noodoll.

Follow Chloe and her lovely family over on her website and Instagram. You can also read more about her here.

17 May 2015

Dream A Little Dream

Stars shining bright above you, Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you", Birds singing in the sycamore trees, Dream a little dream of me. Yes these glorious lyrics from Ella Fitzgerald sum up the perfect whimsical vibe of these beautiful dream catchers from Bisou de Lou...

Handmade from combination of wood, fabric and rope these special creations make for the perfect gift for a special little someone.

Bisou de Lou stands for high-quality, handmade interior objects with high fun factor. Every item in their range is stylish, playful and made from luxurious products that not only look beautiful, but feel good too.

These gorgeous dream catchers are available to purchase right now in The Gathered Store. Grab yours in Snow, Stone, Mint or Black and hang it high to keep the good dreams in and the bad ones out.

15 May 2015

Into The Fold

These cool cushions from Into The Fold are welcome in any fold of our house. Not only do they boast a cool monochromatic design, but they are also completely weather proof!

Yes you heard right. And by weather proof we not only mean wind and rain proof, but also drool, slobber, yoghurt, milk, vegetable, grass, puppy and wine proof.

This durable fabric is so resilient you simply wipe off unwanted mess.

Almost sounds too good to be true. We better be getting a thousand for our place.

14 May 2015

A Wall Of Clouds

Live, breathe and sleep amongst the clouds with this sweet collection from Scandinavian homewares company, Ferm Living. From wallpaper to adorable baby bedding, the range includes everything you need to drift off into the atmosphere with a pack of white and fluffies.

The beautiful minty-sage tint of the wallpaper is to die for and we think it would work perfectly in both a boy or girl’s room especially when matched with natural and earthy hues. Don’t be put off by the task of applying wallpaper either - WallSmart wallpaper is a new generation of non-woven wallpaper that is easier and faster to hang.

Ferm LIVING draws on Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm – but with a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item firmly contemporary. We cant help ourselves but to keep sharing wondrous finds from this brand, everything is so very charming indeed. Check it out for yourself here.

12 May 2015


It starts with a drawing and ends with a cuddle. No we’re not talking about an afternoon at grandmas, but a rather delightful store we’ve just discovered on Etsy called Milipa...

When Milena Paladino moved to Italy from Poland her life changed. After having a beautiful boy called Giacomo she started to make him puppets to make him smile. One thing led to another and the lovely Milipa brand was born.

“My son showed me that everything I do has a purpose if it is done with love and passion” says Milena.

Fast forward to today and Milena now makes some of the cutest children’s toys around. With countless clouds and flocks of sheep to count, it would be a synch to sleep in a room filled with these cute plush friends.

Milena makes all of her creatures herself… with loads of love going into every stitch and fibre: "I start usually with an idea of a toy in my head. Then, I transform this idea into a drawing. Then the finished drawing is transformed into a real object, using natural fabric, my sewing machine and my own bare hands for embroidery details” explains Melina.

We love this gorgeous collection of cosy friends and we hope you do to. Head over to Etsy to check out the store for yourself.

09 May 2015

Little Cloud Lamp

Today’s forecast is cloudy with a chance of oh-my-buttered-toast-I-just-spat-my-tea. Yes friends, you better starting popping up your umbrellas because it is raining cuteness thanks to this limited edition lamp from Friends With You...

Little Cloud is a functional art object, serving as both a source of physical light and a tool for conscious illumination… and constant imagination. It features multiple light intensities, ranging from cool to warm, and can be plugged into an outlet for continuous use, or charged and used wirelessly.

Friends With You views the cloud emblem as "an enduring symbol of love and guidance on a light filled path". Little Cloud is a limited edition piece created by Friends With You in collaboration with Case Studyo and PK SHOP. Find out how to get your own tea-soaked hands on one here.

08 May 2015
friends with you