Up in the Clouds

The look on this little lady’s face pretty much sums it up. An oversized donut that doubles as a cushion… yep we’d be popping our eyes and locking our jaws too if we had a room this cool...

All of the gorgeous bedding showcased in this sweet little abode is from a neat little brand from Melbourne called Sack Me.

Sack Me create fun yet sophisticated unisex bedding sets for children. It ranges from cot size to big kids and beyond.

The bedding sets are smartly put together so you can mix and match to keep things fresh and fun. They are also made with quality linen so are soft and durable for growing bodies.

Their latest collection ‘To Carnival We Go!’ is inspired by carousels spinning brightly, big tops, ferris wheels, the costumes of jugglers and acrobats; and all carnival gaiety.

We love the range and hope you do to. Head over to the Sack Me website to find your nearest stockist. But hands off that donut, it is ours!

07 May 2015

Cuddly Clouds

A rainy day never looked so beautiful thanks to this cute collection from Donna Wilson. Cuddle up with a cloudy cushion or snuggle down with a blanket as big as the sky. Whatever you choose your imagination is sure to float far, far away...

Blooming with beautiful blue and white hues and packed full of character, these playful pack of homewares is sure to liven up the everyday. And there is certainly no denying that knitted treasures play a special role in the nursery. The care and time taken to create such wonders always brings a sense of warmth and homeliness to the space.

And there is certainly no denying that knitted treasures play a special role in the nursery. The care and time taken to create such wonders always brings a sense of warmth and homeliness to the space.

We’ve long been fans of the clever ways of Donna Wilson. Passionate about creating products that people can connect with, the studio is committed to making things that our customers will treasure.

Donna Wilson set up her company in 2003 after making odd knitted creatures for her final show at the Royal College of Art. The creatures sold out and she has been designing and making a collection of curious cushions, woolly textiles, and playful homewares ever since.

Jump over to her website now to see more of her lovely creations.

06 May 2015
donna wilson

A Plate of Clouds

These delightful porcelain pieces from Melbourne based ceramic studio Urban Cartel are almost too gorgeous to use. Creating a range of beautifully made, minimal designs, Urban Cartel brings a contemporary twist to this traditional art...

We love these soft pastel pieces that twist everyday objects into works of art.

And this adorable little set of clouds would look perfect floating across a side table.

We highly recommend taking a look at their full range of gorgeous pieces over on their website.

04 May 2015

Mexsii to the Max

We haven’t come across cool kids bedheads before… and if we have they certainly weren’t as memorable as these rad little gems from Mexsii Bedheads. Always a sucker for a product with substance and style, we are in love with our latest discovery…

Turning the humble bed into a piece of art, these awesome designs are vibrant, lively and original… and are guaranteed to liven up even the drabbest of bedrooms.

The striking colours in the artwork are derived from non-toxic inks and printed onto luxe Belgian linen. Each design is unique and soft enough to accommodate the craziest of head-butting dreams in the night. There is a gorgeous selection of colour combinations on offer for both boys and girls and each is lively enough to transform any space.

Mexsii Bedheads is the dream child of Merryn, an upholsterer and interior decorator, who was frustrated with the lack of inspiring bedheads in the industry. Sarah, the other half of Mexsii Bedheads, holds a background in marketing and has a passion for small business.

Swing by the Mexsii Bedheads website to find your nearest stockist.

30 Apr 2015
bed heads


If you like the vibe of these beautiful rooms as much as we do, it is mandatory that you become acquainted with Danish Design company, OYOY...

The OYOY vision is to create functional products made in high quality materials and in beautiful, on-trend colours and shapes.

To achieve this, they always keep their eye focused on sharp design and use only the most exquisite materials.

As you meander enviously through their collection of furniture and homewares, it becomes evident that they are inspired by classic Scandinavian design, with added undertones of Japanese design… which provides a really fresh take on the popular Scandi look that is everywhere right now.

OYOY make furniture for the entire home, so you don’t need to limit your dreaming to your little one’s room.

Head over to their website to see the full range for yourself.

25 Apr 2015

Balloon Table

Float away to Mt Awesome with this Balloon Coffee Table designed by Duffy London. The clever design creates a fun illusion that the chic glass tabletop is being supported by 11 brilliant red helium balloons...

The balloons and strings are made from steel rods and metal resin composite, creating a sturdy base. Only 25 tables were made in total including red, gold, and silver colourways. Check out more from this incredible designer here.

Photos sourced from Colossal.

23 Apr 2015

Training Dresser

Monkey see, monkey do right? Well hopefully this fun set of drawers will help encourage your little munchkin to put away their clean clothes...

Designed by Peter Bristol this clever set of drawers is ingeniously shaped as their predetermined contents. Called the Training Dresser, the piece comes in two designs - one for short wearers and one for skirt wearers.

It is not only fun and promotes tidiness, but it also a rather iconic statement piece for your little one’s bedroom. In other words, it looks rad.

17 Apr 2015
black and white

Simple and snuggly

When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, there is no place we’d rather be than snuggled up inside a cosy room full of catsandboys. Don’t worry, it’s not as strange as it sounds – catsandboys is gorgeous bedding label for kids and just so happens to be our latest obsession...

Custom geometric shapes are hand printed onto premium quality white cotton fabric and the result is a classic and chic look for your little one’s room.

Patterns are intentionally left imperfect for organic look. There may be slight variations in the design which gives natural charm of hand printed fabric.

Every piece is handmade from white 100% cotton, which ensures long lasting durability with a soft, luxurious feel. Each piece also has a clever hidden zipper to avoid nasty scratches during the night.

If you’re thinking this is something you’d like for your own room, you are in luck. The range from catsandboys also includes bedding for big people too. Yippee.

Head over to the catsandboys website to browse the full range.

16 Apr 2015
black and white

A Happy Home

Walking into a room draped with throws and pillows from Ditto House you feel a little bit like Dorothy seeing colour for the first time in Oz. Kapow your eyes are alive!

With much of the range designed with gorgeous monochrome patterns, colour is used perfectly to compliment the designs. When teamed together on a lounge or playroom corner, the mismatched designs absolutely pop and grab the attention of anyone who enters the room.

Comfy blankies are an essential part of every home and we think owner and lead designer, Molly Fitzpatrick, has nailed a fun design that delights both children and adults alike.

Molly has designed textiles for a wide variety of clients in a variety of markets, including major airlines, home furnishings, and baby accessories. Her style is distinguished by graphic and engaging textile designs and innovative colour stories.

All of the throws and pillow covers in her collection are made from recycled cotton, which has been expertly re-fiberised and spun into new yarns… rather than making a sad journey to becoming landfill.

See more from Ditto House on their website.

15 Apr 2015
black and white

Say My Name

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name in lights? Well now you can have it, or any personalised banter or in-joke for that matter, projecting loud and proud from a stunning light box from Bxxlght...

Being both a practical lighting product and piece of art at the same time, we love the versatility of the Bxxlght. Hang it on the wall, sit it on a shelf or simply rest it on the floor to create a unique look for your room…

The inspiration behind the brand is accessible art: “I wanted to find art that stood out and didn’t cost as much as a piece from a gallery or exclusive auctions. For each season we will let a creator interpret a light box, which will be available as a limited edition”, says Daniela Upmark, CEO and designer for Bxxlght.

If you think these gems would light up your life, get brainstorming about your personalised message and head to the Bxxlght website to order away.

10 Apr 2015
black and white