Petite Kitchen

Petite Kitchen is authentic and real, and this translates into the absolutely amazing recipes shared on the website week in and week out. It’s all about keeping food as nature intended, simple...

It all started when Eleanor Ozich’s 4 year old daughter Izabella developed a really bad case of eczema. After no doctor could tell them what was going on, they visited Natropath Jennifer Garrett and little Izabella was diagnosed with Gut and Psychology Syndrome (also known as GAPS), which is an imbalance of bad gut bacteria causing her eczema and extreme mood fluctuations.

To remedy the situation the family embarked on a journey back to basics. They cut out grains, sugar, additives and preservatives and swapped them for the simple, unprocessed foods that so many of us have lost sight of these days. After 6 months on their journey, Izabella was back on track and behaving better than ever.

The Petite Kitchen website has countless recipes to explore and experiment with. From raw lemon and coconut truffles, to chocolate nut butter and brown rice potato bread, you are guaranteed to be inspired to jump in the kitchen right away. What we really love is that each recipe is photographed in such a stunning way allowing the natural ingredients and beauty of the food to shine through. You’ll never want to eat something out of a packet again!

Petite Kitchen also has a book filled with some of the most delectable recipes that we can’t wait to get our mits on! You can find the stockists listed here.

30 Aug 2013