Easter Bunny Macarons

Ermahgerd alright, these adorable bunny macarons from Raspberri Cupcakes are so ridiculously cute we don’t even want to eat them! But then again with chewy sweet outer shells covered in chocolate marshmallow icing, we might just consider it...

They even come with white fluffy tails piped onto their cute bunny bums for goodness sake! Raspberri Cupcakes is the mastermind behind these adorable creations. Check out the recipe over on her blog and attempt them for yourself.

31 Mar 2015

Fluffy Bunny Cupcakes

We are not trying to steal the Chocolate Egg’s thunder, but sometimes over Easter it is nice to mix things up with some other sweet treats. These gorgeous bunny cupcakes from Fraeulein Klein are perfect for doing just that. Simple to make, they will bring you a little variety without losing the Easter vibes...

Mmm find the scrumdidliumptious recipe here.

24 Mar 2015

Pina Colada Cheesecake

The only thing we like more than pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, is wait for it... Pina Colada Cheesecake! And the amazing The House That Lars Built has invented the most taste bud-blowing recipe of all time that you must acquaint yourself with immediately. Head over to The House That Lars Built to grab the recipe and get shaking.

11 Feb 2015
neon jungle

Pina Colada Donuts @vickiee_yo

When I think of Tropicana, pineapples are one of the first things that pop into my mind. Combining them with the increasingly popular donut just seemed like the sensible thing to do! These Pina Colada donuts in the form of pineapples are baked, making them an easier and healthier alternative to fried donuts – a perfect treat for summer (or all year round)!

Find out how to make your own delicious Pina Colada Donuts below. The recipe makes 24 mini donuts and they are best eaten within 2 days, although we doubt they will last that long...

Pina Colada Donuts
- 2/3 cup self-raising flour
- 1/3 cup all purpose flour
- 1/3 cup finely desiccated coconut
- 1 egg
- 1 TBS vegetable oil
- ¼ cup light brown sugar
- 1/3 cup coconut milk
- ¼ cup full cream milk
- ¼ cup Greek yogurt
- ½ cup drained crushed pineapple
- 2 teaspoons rum extract (optional)

- 1 cup white chocolate melts
- A couple of dark chocolate melts or cocoa powder
- Yellow food dye suitable for chocolate (oil or powder based)
- Toothpicks cut in half
- Green paper/card

1. Pre-heat oven to 175oC fan, and grease two mini 12 hole donut pans.

2. Mix sifted flour and desiccated coconut in a large bowl and set aside. Whisk together egg, oil, brown sugar, milk, yogurt, pineapple and extract in a medium size bowl until incorporated. Slowly add wet mixture into the dry ingredients, and fold batter until combined.

3. Place mixture into piping or zip lock bags, and pipe into donut pans approximately halfway full. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes and transfer onto a cooling rack.

4. While the donuts are cooling, place one cup of white chocolate melts into a bowl and microwave until melted. Do this in 25 second intervals, stirring each time to ensure the chocolate does not overheat. Add yellow food colouring and stir until combined.

5. Dip the cooled donuts into the chocolate, and drip any excess chocolate off. While this layer is drying, add a couple of dark chocolate melts or some cocoa powder into the leftover yellow chocolate. The amount added is up to you, to reach the desired colour for the brown detailing.

6. Place the melted brown chocolate into a zip lock bag, and cut a tiny hole at the tip. Place the donuts onto a lined baking tray, and pipe on diagonal lines and dots to imitate the appearance of a pineapple.

7. Lastly, either using green card or thick paper, cut out shapes to look like pineapple stalks. Using sticky tape, attach them onto the toothpick halves, then insert into the donuts.

You can follow Vickie and more of her delicious creations over on her instagram.

24 Jan 2015

Introducing... @vickiee_yo

When Vickie Liu went from building structures to building cakes, the world’s streetscapes might have become a little drabber, but the world certainly became a little sweeter. Vickie is our latest contributor to Little Gatherer and we are over the moon to have her on board...

A wee while ago, Vickie decided a career in Architecture wasn’t for her and directed her creativity to baking instead! Hallelujah to that. Over the next few months and beyond you will be treated to a regular injection of her gorgeous baked creations right here on Little Gatherer.

We caught up with Vickie to find out what tickles her tastebuds...
What do you love most about creating beautiful baked goods?
Food and design are two of my passions, and combining them has become a creative outlet for me. Coming up with ideas and seeing them being brought to life is also extremely rewarding. This however, isn’t always the case (as frustrating as it may be), but there will always be a perpetual number of things to learn.

What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from an abundance of things that surround me on a daily basis. It could be something completely random I see on the street, to current trends, as well as art and design. Other bakers, designers and creatives also inspire me to a great extent – especially through social media.

What lead you to start cooking?
I’ve had an interest in baking since high school, but I didn’t really have the time or dedication until I graduated from University. Not having a full time job or studies to worry about gave me time to experiment in the kitchen. I pretty much haven’t been able to stop since!

What is your favourite thing to bake?
It will definitely have to be cookies. I love designing them and see it as more of an art than just food. I’ve always worked better on a smaller scale too, as opposed to creating large cakes for example.

I have also become obsessed with making baked donuts in the last few months.

What is your fondest memory of being a kid?
Family trips to Taiwan every couple of years. Having a few families and our grandparents under one roof, although loud, was always exciting; especially because many of them lived overseas.

Indulging in food not available in Australia was also one of my highlights of the trips - and still is when I have a chance to visit!

If you were to create the ultimate milkshake what flavour would it be?
Red velvet is one of my favourite cake flavours, so I am sure it would be just as delicious in milk shake form!

Vickie will be sharing her first post with you very soon... Exciting!! In the meantime you can follow her delectable creations over on instagram.

22 Jan 2015
vickiee yo
creative showcase

Mini Fruit Cakes

If dense amounts of raisins, currents and other dried fruits aren’t really your thing, then you will love this clever twist on the traditional fruitcake. Fluffly and flavoursome, these cute little morsels from Therese Nguyen are the perfect sweet treat to impress visiting friends...

The mini fruit cake series comes to us from Therese Nguyen of The Gook. Check out the recipe here.

21 Jan 2015

Candy Cane Lollipops

Love them or hate them, candy canes encapsulate Christmas. But why not step out of the candy cane box and bring the class and craft to your dinner table with these home made candy cane pops from Erika Rax...

This is also the perfect way to use up any left over candy canes that are hanging around after christmas. Grab the recipe here.

26 Dec 2014
candy canes

Waterfront Views

If you think you’ve seen something cute this week, totally disregard it and come and lay your eyes on these... Amazing mini ginger bread houses that hang off the side of your hot cup of hot cocoa! Yes please...

Find out how totally wow your friends this Christmas with the how-to guide on Piepmatz blog.

23 Dec 2014

Cupcake Terrarium

Terrariums are everywhere right now and make for the perfect Christmas gift. But why not blow them out of the water by making yours an edible version?

i mean who wouldn’t want to receive a bunch of chocolate cupcakes that have been transformed into an edible woodland fantasy! Learn how to make your own via The Cake Girls website.

21 Dec 2014

Salted Caramel Trees

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy caramel leaves are so delicious. Be the hostess with the mostest by whipping up a batch of these scrumptious salted caramel Christmas tree sweets from Carnets Parisiens .

18 Dec 2014