Strawberries & Cream

These gorgeous white chocolate and vanilla bean cream macaroons are from the wonderful whisk of Aran from Cannelle Et Vanille. When strawberries are in season you really can't go past this delicious recipe that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

07 Sep 2014

Creative Showcase - Melie's Kitchen

With a delectable array of recipes in her back pocket, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that Amelia Ferrier of Melie’s Kitchen has been in the cake game for decades. But at only 15 years of age this self-taught cook has only just begun...

Falling in love with baking at age 7, Amelia now spends her days, when she is not at school or hanging out with friends, creating some of the most beautiful cakes we have ever laid our eyes upon.

The tricky bit will be deciding which of Amelia's delicious flavours to try first. Whether its the towering layers of Caramelized Peach Cake stacked with zesty lime and elderflower curd that takes your fancy, or the Malt Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake drizzled with Amelia's homemade caramel sauce, either way you are in for a treat!

We talked to Amelia about what inspires her wonderful cakes...
What is the idea behind 'Melies Kitchen' and how did it start?
Well I always really enjoyed putting my own spin on recipes and would always add and alter the ingredients, as well as completely embellishing baked goods when decorating.

Since all the cakes on the market were all the same sort of style, I wanted to make cakes that were really cool and unique with lots of detail, which could be easily recognised as an "Amelia Ferrier" cake! And i guess it all stemmed off my instagram as i started gaining a few followers, and then people would start asking me to make cakes and cupcakes for them!

What do you love most about creating beautiful cakes?
I looooove playing around with flavour combinations and adding lots of intricate details when decorating. I'm a very arty creative person so I really enjoy just decorating the cakes and making them look super pretty

What inspires you?
My friends help inspire me and come up with new flavours and so on, but I just tend to look at blogs and Pinterest boards online and research new flavours and ideas.

You use a lot of fresh flowers for decorating - what does this add to your cakes?
Besides the fact that they're really prettyyyyy I just like the fact that they are natural, so it means I'm not using any nasty fondant or artificial ingredients!

Out of all the different flavored cakes you make which is your personal favourite?
Probably the S'more cake or the malt chocolate and banana cake with caramel, chocolate fudge brownie and maltesers!

If you were to create the ultimate milkshake what flavour would it be? And what would it look like?
Probably a toasted Marshmallow, malt and dulce de leche (It's a type of caramel) banana milkshakeeeee!!

02 Sep 2014
creative showcase

Petal Pops

My boy lollipop, you make my heart go giddyup. We can’t decide whether we want to wrap our lips around these beautiful little suckers or just stare at them in awe...

These popstars are made with edible, pesticide-free flowers like chamomile, lavender, marigold and violets that taste as good as they look. This darling recipe comes from Heather at Sprinkle Bakes.

02 Sep 2014

Biscuits in Bloom

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not....Forgot the rhymes, as long as you have a freshly baked tray of these daisy-inspired biscuits from Playing With Food, he is guaranteed to love you. Click through to find the recipe on the Decor8 website.

29 Aug 2014

Flower Pot Power

With spring just around the corner, we’d like to roll up our sleeves and plant a bunch of these vibrant flowers… plant them right into our drooling mouths that is...

A light and fluffy butter cake topped with rich Oreo-crumb top soil, these adorable Flower Pot Cakes from The Gunny Sack taste even better than they look. Click through to find the full recipe here.

26 Aug 2014

Baking Snowflakes

These yummy gingerbread cookies don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hot tea of surviving afternoon tea time at our place. Packed full of ginger and cloves and finished with delicate snowflake icing, we can’t wait to tackle this recipe from Local Palate Mag.

21 Aug 2014

Cookie TV

The best recipe for a recipe is a sweet little film. Starring three gorgeous sisters, Maude, Betty and Olive Blair, this short film from Olive Us is interactive, engaging and adorable, not to mention highly informative. Oh how yummy those delicious Snoball cookies look too. We wish all recipes were this fun to follow...

Olive Us is a weekly video series created by Ben and Gabrielle Blair and featuring their six children. See more from the family here.

11 Aug 2014

Luscious Log

This photo-realistic chocolate Yule log cake by Martha Stewart is the perfect sweet treat for the outdoorsy type. Highly detailed and supremely delicious it even comes with a wood-grain pattern and smattering of chocolate pinecones. Yumm, you can grab the recipe here.

06 Aug 2014

Sweet Spot

These dotty cheesecake charmers from The Gook are definitely hitting the spot. White chocolate and coconut cheesecake with a hint of ginger, yes please!

Made with a classic favourite of ours, the gingernut biscuit, these cute little treats are just begging to be gobbled up. And that we shall do! The full recipe is available on Theresa Nguyen’s website, The Gook.

22 Jul 2014
spots and dots

Layers of Delicious

Pretty and delicious, that’s exactly how we like our cakes here at Little Gatherer. And this Pink and White Sprinkle Cake with Macarons from Rasberri Cupcakes is both of those things multiplied by infinity...

Featuring laying upon layer of awesome, this masterpiece was constructed using a delicious strawberry flavoured butter cake, swiss meringue buttercream icing, handmade macarons a ton of rainbow sprinkles, or ‘yumfetti’ as we like to call it now.

The full recipe is available on the wonderful Rasberri Cupcakes blog.

19 Jul 2014