The Sweetest of Hues

Pantone is the authority on colour, and macaroons the queen of all sweets. So put them together and what a formidable power couple they make! Fresh raspberries and cream sandwiched together between a soft macaroon shell has to be one of the most delicious things on earth. This delicious recipe is from the clever folk at Sprinkle Bakes.


Rainbow Bark

The idea of a tree producing chocolate rainbow bark is almost too much for our imaginations (and tastebuds) to handle. If we had one in our garden, we’d spend all day climbing it, watering it and pruning it. But since our quest to find such a tree continues, we make do with next best thing – this amazing, super-simple and delicious Chocolate Bunny Bark recipe from Angie Dudley.

24 Jun 2014 colourrecipe

Handmade Cones of Joy

Handmade anything is good. But handmade ice cream always takes us to another place. These DIY cones with chocolate chip mint ice cream from the Herriott Grace Blog have stolen our hearts and we can’t wait to jump in and try the recipe for ourselves.

22 Mar 2014 ice creamrecipe