Lily Vanilli's Sweet Tooth

If there was ever a book to get you grabbing for your apron strings with glee then this is it. Lily Vanilli's 'Sweet Tooth' is a sight for hungry eyes, filled to the brim with stunning recipes and our favourite bit... eye googling glossy pics...

With recipes for the Ultimate Pillow-Soft Vanilla Sponge Cake, Rhubart Tarts with Chilli and Ginger, Brown Sugar Brioche and a heavenly Bitter Chocolate Orange Cake this little beauty has it all. There are even a few insanely delicious ice creams thrown in for good measure.

In 'Sweet Tooth', Lily doesn't hold back, providing you with everything you need to create your own wonderful recipes. Not only covering the science and techniques of baking, Lily also shares over 100 of her favourite innovative but easy-to-follow recipes.

Starting out at an East London market selling her cakes, Lily Jones (aka Vanilli) has grown to become one of Britain's best-loved artisan bakers.

With a star-studded client list she also runs her own bakery called 'Vanilli's'. Stocked with all of her delicious treats, famous for their unique flavour combinations, magnificent design and above all delectable taste 'Vanilli's' is a must for any sugar lovers to-do list.

With pink-tipped pages and a mint green cover, 'Sweet Tooth' is perfect for any level of baker, right through from beginner to expert, the only necessary ingredient is a passion for sweets.

Sweet Tooth is a must addition to any book shelf. We just wish the pictures were lick-able like the wallpaper in Willy Wonka! Get your own copy of Lily Vanilli's Sweet Tooth here and get ready to sink into a heavenly coma of sugar.

17 Jul 2014

Dripping Delicious

Why hello there Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Cake with Ganache Drizzle, how the devil are you? Oozing with serious mouth appeal, we can’t wait to get to know this divine looking cake from Sweetapolita a little more...

Filled with layers of chocolate butter cake, Swiss meringue buttercream and toasted marshmallow, this gorgeous creation tastes as good as it looks. Get set for some serious high-fives from your family after you whip this one up – grab the recipe from the Sweetapolita website.

15 Jul 2014

Ice Moon

There is more to this beautiful white cratered moon than meets the eye. Believe it or not, it is actually a densely-filled ice cream cake created by London designers Doshi Levien for Haagen-Dazs...

Each ‘Ice Moon’ consists of a pistachio biscuit base, layers of macadamia nut ice cream, salted caramel and mmmm meringue. The perfect shape is achieved by moulding two separate parts and mending them together. Clever!

We hope if we stare at this spherical spectacle for long enough it might roll over the table and onto our welcoming plates.

12 Jul 2014

The Sweetest of Hues

Pantone is the authority on colour, and macaroons the queen of all sweets. So put them together and what a formidable power couple they make! Fresh raspberries and cream sandwiched together between a soft macaroon shell has to be one of the most delicious things on earth. This delicious recipe is from the clever folk at Sprinkle Bakes.

25 Jun 2014

Rainbow Bark

The idea of a tree producing chocolate rainbow bark is almost too much for our imaginations (and tastebuds) to handle. If we had one in our garden, we’d spend all day climbing it, watering it and pruning it. But since our quest to find such a tree continues, we make do with next best thing – this amazing, super-simple and delicious Chocolate Bunny Bark recipe from Angie Dudley.

24 Jun 2014

Yummy Bunny Biscuits

Crispy on the outside and filled with a soft strawberry butter cream on the inside; these delightful little bunnies were born to be eaten. The only problem is, they are too cute to chomp. Find the full recipe at La Receta de la Felicidad.

11 Apr 2014

Ballerina Cakes

These delicate little delights from Carnets Parisiens are fit for the most elegant of ballerinas. Graceful, sophisticated and tasteful (in more ways than one), these Peanut Butter Tea Cakes are sure to bring a little sweetness into your afternoon...

Jam-packed with nuts, cinnamon and vanilla frosting, these little treats are certain to be dancing across our tastebuds this coming weekend. Find the recipe here.

28 Mar 2014
swan lake

Handmade Cones of Joy

Handmade anything is good. But handmade ice cream always takes us to another place. These DIY cones with chocolate chip mint ice cream from the Herriott Grace Blog have stolen our hearts and we can’t wait to jump in and try the recipe for ourselves.

22 Mar 2014
ice cream

Ice Cream Macaroons... Yes Please

These ice cream shaped macaroons from Raspberri Cupcakes are incredibly cute. My goodness, why are they so cute? We want to eat them all...

Filled with melted vanilla ice cream & waffle cone icing, these little treats are all types of marvellous. We love the pastel colouring, and well, actually everything about them. Find the recipe here.

19 Mar 2014
ice cream

Ice Cream You Scream

This amazing Melted Ice Cream cake by One Charming Party is so real, so humble and so darn inviting. It makes us want to roll up our sleeves and clean the whole situation up… by way of a bowl-and-spoon for us and ten friends.

11 Mar 2014
ice cream