Sweet Tooth

The way to your little one’s heart is through these adorable polka-heart macaroons from Rasberri Cupcakes. Yes that’s right; trick them into taking the delicious teal macaroon so you can swoop in and enjoy the marvellous vanilla bean blueberry cupcake sitting underneath. Genius!


Underwater Treats

Salt Water Taffy is the dandiest of treats to take to an Octopuses’ garden for tea. And in our humble opinion the best Salt Water Taffy is made by the folk at The Salty Road. Hand stretched, cut, wrapped, and flavoured with the most scrumptious of combinations – Caramel Seal Salt, Caramel Apple, Peppermint, Vanilla and Peanut. Buy it here...

16 Jan 2014 seaside

Layered Cakes in Glasses

There’s something so novel about the thought of a cupcake in a jar. We think these Red Velvet glass dwellers from My Baking Addiction are remarkable and would make the perfect Christmas pudding. Or if you’re feeling extra generous, screw on a few lids and completely wow your friends at your next picnic in the park.

16 Dec 2013 christmasrecipe