Mr Chocolate

Mr Chocolate from Diego Ramos Studio will have you licking your lips from the moment you perch one of these wonderful moustaches under your nose. Mmm we can almost smell the delicious chocolately goodness right now...

There are six different styles and four scrumptious flavours to choose from, meaning there are 24 ways for a beardless sweet tooth to totally rock a new set of whiskers. Now there’s a challenge worth committing to.

Available to purchase from the Chocolate Factory.

15 Oct 2013

Candied Kindling

Candied kindling, clusters of sugary autumn leaves and chocolate-filled toadstools. These are just a few of the incredible creations from Andie’s Specialty Sweets...

The gang at Andie’s are very clever. They custom make all of their decorative candy and cake embellishments by hand to ensure a superb quality that tantalizes all of one’s senses.

All of their sweets are organic, gluten free and free from animal gelatine and nasty oils. Plus they are custom made and hand poured in small batches so you are guaranteed to taste the TLC with each bite you take…and we must warn you, there will be many bites.

Take a peep at the full range here.

07 Oct 2013

Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

This beautiful Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake is one sweet treat that would definitely be stolen from the Queen of Hearts. The perfect asset at any Mad Hatter's Tea Party you would be sure to eat Tweedledee and Tweedledum’s body weight in this tasty cake...

Rich chocolate layers are lined with delicious white chocolate and raspberry ganache. This pretty cake from Raspberri Cupcakes is certainly fit for the most discerning of hatters and hares. Find the full recipe here.

29 Sep 2013

Pastel Puffs

These deliciously light and fluffy Pastel Puffs from Carnets Parisiens look as alluring as the little 'Eat Me' cakes in Alice and Wonderland...

The pastel icing and candied flowers are so enchanting that we are sure to grow nine-feet tall and hit our heads on the roof after treating ourselves to one of these during Wonderland Week.

24 Sep 2013

Watermelon Ice Pops

These Watermelon Ice Pops from La Receta de la Felicidad are the perfect garnish to a hot summer’s day. We can just see our little guys running around in the back garden devouring one of these, with the watermelon and kiwi juice dripping all over them… just the way an icy-pole should in the heat of summer...

21 Sep 2013

Letterpress Cookies

We love this Letterpress Cookie Cutter Set from Cox and Cox. It comes with all 26 letters of the alphabet and the ‘&’ and ‘!’ signs, guaranteeing you hours of word-making fun. If we had any self-control we’d spell out the word Y-U-M right now, but the kettle’s just boiled and those three letters are looking pretty scrumdiddlyumptious.

12 Sep 2013

Ferris Wheel Cookies

Roll up... Roll up... We simply adore this great circus themed cookie ferris wheel from the wonderful Griottes. It’s much more fun (and original) than a cupcake stand and the perfect addition for a circus themed celebration. Learn how to create it for your next party with this simple downloadable guide.

03 Sep 2013

Healthy Gummy Bears

We are in love with these delightful all-natural gummy treats by the clever folk at Sweet Peanut. Made with real fruit and unrefined sugar these sweet yummy gummy bears are not only delicious but completely guilt-free...

Head over to Sweet Peanut to learn how to make a stash for your little ones (and your handbag). Mmmm gummy…

01 Sep 2013

Petite Kitchen

Petite Kitchen is authentic and real, and this translates into the absolutely amazing recipes shared on the website week in and week out. It’s all about keeping food as nature intended, simple...

It all started when Eleanor Ozich’s 4 year old daughter Izabella developed a really bad case of eczema. After no doctor could tell them what was going on, they visited Natropath Jennifer Garrett and little Izabella was diagnosed with Gut and Psychology Syndrome (also known as GAPS), which is an imbalance of bad gut bacteria causing her eczema and extreme mood fluctuations.

To remedy the situation the family embarked on a journey back to basics. They cut out grains, sugar, additives and preservatives and swapped them for the simple, unprocessed foods that so many of us have lost sight of these days. After 6 months on their journey, Izabella was back on track and behaving better than ever.

The Petite Kitchen website has countless recipes to explore and experiment with. From raw lemon and coconut truffles, to chocolate nut butter and brown rice potato bread, you are guaranteed to be inspired to jump in the kitchen right away. What we really love is that each recipe is photographed in such a stunning way allowing the natural ingredients and beauty of the food to shine through. You’ll never want to eat something out of a packet again!

Petite Kitchen also has a book filled with some of the most delectable recipes that we can’t wait to get our mits on! You can find the stockists listed here.

30 Aug 2013

Teddy Bear Bread

Not a lot needs to be said about this delightful recipe from La Receta Da La Felicidad. The simplicity and adorability of these iddy-biddy teddy bear buns really speak for themselves. Our only concern is that they are far too cute to eat!

24 Aug 2013